Giving – To Make Sacred, Holy & Orderly Again

Wednesday, just after midnight (west coast time) is the full moon (timing mechanism). It is also the Virgo solar (sun) festival (14 degrees). Virgo’s festival arrives just after Mercury turned direct at the Leo eclipse point. Reminding us that eclipses bring vast changes. And so, right after the eclipse (dividing the U.S., reflecting our polarized ideologies), the hurricane swept into Texas, producing massive flooding, changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

In times of crisis such as these, humanity is called to serve, to give and to sacrifice. Humanity is called to action, becoming part of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), working under the Law of Sacrifice, which is the Law of Giving and Group Endeavor. The flooding has given women and men of Goodwill, an opportunity to serve, which is the task of Virgo – and to restore order through acts of selfless service.

The Law of Sacrifice means to “make sacred, holy and orderly again.” All of us are asked to give. The after-effects of the flooding crisis in our country will continue for weeks, months and years.

Thousands have lost everything. There will be a great long-lasting sense of trauma by the flood victims. The towns and cities will need to be rebuilt. Let us continue to give, and then give some more.

Here are ways to give. Giving produces Joy.


ARIES: You will be asked to share possessions and resources, to drop your personal sense of security for a greater spiritual security. You might attempt to accomplish tasks alone and in solitude. However, you will need to join with others now to face the transformations & reorientations that have begun to change our planet. You can no longer dismiss others’ values. You will move from instinct to intelligence to intuition to sharing.

TAURUS: Relying solely on yourself creates a state of alienation and possible loneliness. It is important to become more sensitive and aware of others’ needs in your life, especially those close to you. You often don’t understand what your partner is trying to communicate. You want to “get things done.” You have a vision for the future. Are all the kingdoms considered? You focus on physical survival. But there are other voices, other needs and planes of reality to consider.

GEMINI: Beware of not tending to practical details, becoming confused, disorganized and avoiding making goals, plans and agendas. It’s important in the next eighteen months to create reasonable plans and routines, scheduling in the morning and reviewing the day at night, creating daily goals, seeing them through. Without this (new) order, you may feel out of control and lacking in clear vision. The Soul is orderly.

CANCER: A deep welling up of creativity appears and at times you are the center of attention by those who recognize your intelligence, talents and gifts. They will want to learn from you. You will need to cease worrying if things are good enough. You are always good enough. Come out from under your shell, enter the garden without fear and apprehension. Attempt contact with the devas (garden fairies). You will feel less alienated. The devas will become your friends.

LEO: Realizing you are dependent upon those you love can make you pull back and remain within yourself building our own “interior castles.” You often fear losing individuality when you love. You live a bit within the heresy of separateness. Yes, there’s the need to develop your own self-ness, leadership and ability to rule. However, for life to have meaning, love is all there is for you. You can love deeply without dissolving.

VIRGO: So often you feel the need to take responsibility. This can sometimes, without adaptation which creates fluidity, move into a state of rigidity and then fear of not being recognized adequately. Having a standard of perfection and achievement is important. Beware of becoming too intense, too in control, too fearful of obscurity. Everyone sees you. You are acceptable and good. The unveiling is continuous.

LIBRA: You understand yourself, your worth and values through the eyes of your close intimates. Your daily life may feel somewhat confused, there may be wounding that occurs, along with a sense of things important to you dissolving away. You are in a state of “isolated unity.” With the difficulties, you discover your own values, gifts and talents and establish a greater self-worth. Prayer takes you through any crisis. Someone far-away loves you.

SCORPIO: It will be important to trust your instincts, to stand on the other side of fear, to stand alone, be decisive, asserting yourself while not being overly concerned with whether people think you’re good or not. Peace is a wholesome response which brings forth healing. How do we achieve peace? We have intentions for Goodwill (always) which creates Right Relations which creates the experience and process of active peace. This is the only equation for peace.

SAGITTARIUS: Sometimes we have a dark night of the Soul. Isolation is significant. We feel separate from life. We cry out in the wilderness. No one answers (at first). There comes a day and upon awakening we sense the loss and despair are lessened. We hear the words “Love is all there is.” We wonder where the path of Love is? We realize we’ve been treading it all along. At first, we were asleep. Then, through pain, we awakened. Then love came in a flash. Then it disappeared. We are still on the path.

CAPRICORN: There is a new way of meditation. We must no longer “empty” our minds. We are to “use” the faculty of our minds in order to design, fashion and build, with boldness, the new world. We cannot create with an empty mind. We create through our imagination, the faculty of visualization. Our minds are to be an intensified light of constant imaginative creation. Visualize a future for yourself as part of a community for humanity. Do this daily. See what happens.

AQUARIUS: It’s good to say mantras (holy words) each day. Their sound holds the resonation (vibration) that creates the future. We must realize the implication inherent in the words, “Humanity must create the new future.” Toning, sounding ohms, reciting ancient mantras help uplift and purify the present world around us. Out of that purity, and sound, which created the world, the future begins to appear. Doing this creative work comforts us.

PISCES: You want to live in community. You may need to seek out unusual places yet unknown to you. There is something profound occurring with you and groups of people. At times, you feel a deep loneliness. Remember Matthew 21: 22. “Pray and you will receive what you pray for.” Read the story of Mary Gray (Theosophist) meeting Krishnamurti at the train station. Mary took Krishnamurti to Pine Cottage (Ojai) where he lived, studied, taught and grew in light, from 1922 till his death in 1986. From Lives in the Shadow with J. Krishnamurti, by R.R. Sloss.

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