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There is a quote from the Labors of Hercules (book) that explains the task given to Hercules (humanity) during the month of Cancer. Hercules represents humanity (the World Disciple), living on Earth, encountering life experiences, given tasks and being (often severely) tested. For the Cancer task, the 4th Labor, Hercules must make a choice. He must develop discernment and wisdom that leads to Right Choice. And then he must demonstrate and follow the “obedience of the heart.”

This particular task is important to understand. The present world situation is demanding that we, too, have discernment and wisdom to make a Right Choice. It determines our future.

From the 4th Labor of Hercules (Cancer), “The Great One, within Shamballa, spoke to the Teacher: ‘Where is the son of man (Sanskrit for the “thinkers”, all of humanity), who is the Son of God? How fares he, how is he being tested and with what service is he engaged?’ The Teacher said, ‘The third great test (Gemini) provided much teaching. He ponders and reflects upon it.’

“The Great One said to the Teacher, ‘Provide him now with a test that evokes his wisest choice. Send him to labor in a field where he must decide which voice, of all the many voices, will arouse the obedience of his heart. Provide a test of great simplicity on the outer plane, yet a test, which awakens, interiorly, the fullness of his wisdom and the rightness of his power to choose. Let him now proceed with the fourth test.’”

Saturday, July 22, as Sun enters Leo, we (Hercules) begin the Fifth Labor (test).

ARIES: Throughout the year, great changes will occur. Your outlook on life will be concerned with freedom, especially how you express and conduct yourself. Breaking from the past will also occur. You will be like Snow White, “awakened” from a deep sleep. The awakening will happen through unexpected and interesting events. Break this gently to people who care about you so, as you change, they are not surprised. Cherish each surprising moment.

TAURUS: Unusual events happen particularly with your health. You might find unexpected difficulties almost every day affecting your well-being. How to handle these is to adapt to the realization that all patterns in your life are altering, including health. Perform daily tasks with deep awareness lest a spider or snake bite you. These are symbols for change. Have homeopaths and essential oils nearby.

GEMINI: Your friendships and social life begin to shift. You meet new and unusual people, encounter new ideas, consider group life more seriously. You study uncommon lifestyles and listen to alternative news. The idea of being free and free-spirited is long overdue. Vesta, the asteroid of “self as found object” is in Gemini. You must make a Vesta box. Find a box; fill it with treasures that represent your true self. You discover you are a lamp unto yourself.

CANCER: Talents and gifts you didn’t know existed within you are emerging and this will be a discovery both exciting and unexpected. You embark upon several new studies, directions and adventures. People consider you as someone who knows a lot about lots of things. You surprise everyone. They think of you as unconventional and studious. This is good. A new life story begins.

LEO: It’s possible you’ll be traveling soon, if you’re not already. Travel will be curious, unexpected, out of the ordinary. The journey will not be what you planned. You will meet unusual people who help you see life in completely different ways. Nothing traditional seems available, even though you long for this. Everything unconventional seems to know your name. Adapt. Your heart is stirred.

VIRGO: Unexpected events or happenings occur with share resources of finances and money investments, taxes or loans. At first this doesn’t make sense. Then as time goes by it does. Allow yourself to realize that the pleasures you pursue and things you like do cost money. For some reason, you’ll feel you cannot depend anymore on your usual sources. Uncertainty results. You will find new paths and new resources and new people.

LIBRA: Some things in your relations with others, with close associates and intimates become surprising. Should you feel limitations, loss of freedom or resistance from others, you will shake it off immediately. It may be difficult to rely on anyone. If this occurs, be the ‘reliable one’ for others. Breaking free from things doesn’t mean you need to be cruel. Be gentle and kind – always, everywhere, with everyone. Isn’t Kindness the Dalai Lama’s religion?

SCORPIO: Create new routines that include all things healthy. Each day you may find yourself disrupted. Everything becomes non-traditional and unconventional. This includes your health and vitality, which you need to pay attention to. Restlessness means a new rhythm is needed. You may work non-stop at times, then work not at all other times. Alternative healing benefits your health. Slow down. Prana breathe.

SAGITTARIUS: Know that more and more you will begin to express yourself in unconventionally creative ways. You will become even more so the “out of the ordinary” friend. Children (especially), non-conformists and oddballs will love you. There will be sudden occurrences in your love life. Previous inhibitions fall away. You become freer, spontaneous, even eccentric (more so). Everything you didn’t like falls away. You become light-hearted and playful. You’re happy.

CAPRICORN: Home is in a state of change and fluctuations. Things feel disruptive and erratic. There is movement in, out, here, there. This is good. It means no crystallizations or rigidity can occur. Life is speeding up. Sometimes you feel if you move too fast you’ll make a wrong turn. You feel tested, needing to approach the home situation in new ways. Sometimes you feel free. Sometimes you miss someone far away. Boredom isn’t in your vocabulary.

AQUARIUS: There’s a need for exposure to new worlds, new people, new lands and geographic areas. New opportunities come forth to express yourself and your gifts. You like to be with the people in the marketplace. Here you feel alive, in contact, love is released, people know and rely upon your expertise. You try to make contact with family, siblings, relatives. Your personal appearance changes. Your shell cracks.

PISCES: Over the next weeks and months, notice your values changing. All previous thoughts and desires disappear like cumulus clouds. New values and new endeavors emerge. A surrender to the present reality comes forth. There may be a sense of limitation, or a profound transformation that takes place concerning friends and/or associates. Unusual circumstances will bring about a different use of resources. All resources are to be used to build community. Study herbs and holy oils.


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