Destiny, Longing, The Path; More On The Dragon Points

Last week I wrote about the North & South nodes – the points in space that show us where the Moon (our past) and the Sun (our present future) meet. The North Node depicting our present/future dharma (work to develop). And the South node shows us where we have already cultivated gifts and talents. We find these are easy for us in this lifetime. Thus, we are often in a state of recapitulation as we gather gifts, talents and abilities developed in previous lifetimes. As we engage with already known talents, we re-encounter ourselves and this allows us to build stepping stones with our re-encountered gifts from the South Node (karmic inheritances, things to complete, to gather) to the North Node (destiny, soul’s longing, evolutionary path).

Each lifetime is always a higher level than previous lifetimes. We never slide backwards. And, always, in each lifetime, we are moving from the South Node (the past, the Moon) to the North Node (present/future, the Sun), walking towards our life’s purpose (seen in the rising sign). Eventually, midlife, there is something that occurs that is very important to know. As we near the North Node, as the doors to the North Node open to us, the South Node’s doors begin to close. Over time, we find that we cannot turn back. We cannot return to the South Node. This can be quite difficult. The areas of life, the place, the people we have been comfortable with for so long has closed. We can feel unmoored, unsettled, bereft. Very gradually, we realize a new life rhythm has begun. And we step upon that last stone of the North Node. And look ahead. In the world for everyone, the North Node has entered Leo, the South Node Aquarius, influencing each sign for the next eighteen months. The North Node is our Guiding Light.


ARIES: In the next eighteen months, you will find opportunities to develop new levels of creativity, talents, gifts, abilities and be able to recognize them. You will see what your contribution is to the world. Children, playfulness, fun and game games may become very important, along with learning how to love more, having a bit of romance, giving birth to something while radiating and shining a light in the world.

TAURUS: Over the next months you realize help from other is needed. Usually you accomplish everything alone. You’re confident, assured and strong. However, there comes a time when one must realize that others can more effectively help and nurture us. Your heart needs a bit more warmth, empathy and care from others. Events occur that support this.

GEMINI: You will shine brightly in ways you didn’t expect. Your communication skills will increase, and your conversations will be more lively and more understood. What are you curious about these day? What calls to you, what is of interest? This is a time to read more, study deeply and perhaps consider writing about your life, sharing it. Tolerance will be needed toward others different than you. Gemini is connected with Sirius, where love comes from.

CANCER: There are virtues to be established in the coming months. That of patience and determination. These will allow for a new creativity to come about. Gardening is a most important skill and task for Cancer who seeks to nurture the world. A rose garden is especially valuable. All of nature calls to you. Nature is the most balanced of kingdoms. Create an arbor, plant climbing roses, the fragrant kind. The devas will help you.

LEO: It is good to consider your image. You’re a leader and are becoming a pioneer of all things new. You become quite unusual in the next months to a year. A new self-image will emerge that initiates a fire within others, a Vesta fire. You become a forerunner for groups seeking to understand how communicate. Perhaps with other species or kingdoms. Travel takes you far away.

VIRGO: You will move along new pathways. Familiar life patterns change. Veils will hide the old ways of being. Challenges will be met through intuition, prayer, mantrams and silent contemplative walks. You will seek to practice random kindness and realize, that although sometimes, solitary, you are never alone. You cultivate a deeper spiritual awareness. Talk with the devas.

LIBRA: You might find yourself joining with others, everyone sharing common goals, creating new endeavors together. The efforts are humanitarian, a bit radical, with the purpose of social change. You will learn a deeper level of cooperation as you blend your personal will with the great harmonious Will. Right Relations with everyone calls to you. All of this beneficence is filled with new opportunities for you.

SCORPIO: When considering your career, maintain the highest standards. You may encounter public recognition in your chosen field. Powerful energies drop into your mind, encouraging you to bring forth new leadership. Over the next eighteen-months opportunities occur to establish cooperative leadership. Maintain boundaries and see yourself as an expert with a sterling reputation.

SAGITTARIUS: Travel. Journeys. On a boat or plane. Over mountains and plains. Across countries, over rivers and oceans. New cultures, exotic foods, higher learning, various philosophies, unusual clothing, personal growth, goals, justice, new belief systems, new spiritual systems and dimension. Starting points and ending points. Bow and Arrows. White Horse. Pilgrimage. God. All of these, over time, encountered, lead you to Wisdom.

CAPRICORN: Cultivate a deeper intimacy between yourself and the one you love. A highly developed level of love is available to you at this time. Consider ways to regenerate and ways to rejuvenate. All things outworn simply fall away. You become more intuitive. Keeping a dream, vision, aspiration and astrology journal is helpful for when you look back on this time. To understand.

AQUARIUS: You will be given the opportunity to develop Right Human Relations with everyone, bringing forth poise and stability in all relationships, personal and impersonal. Especially personal at first. You will experience a give and take in all interactions which creates a harmony between you and others. Diplomacy will be called forth and more acceptance so all separations become unified. You become a greater person.

PISCES: You will consider over the next months all interactions with co-workers. Even if you live a solitary life, there are kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, human, spiritual) around all of us that we interact and work within. it will be important to improve all environments and tend to the personal self in ways that bring about personal healing. Include alternative methods (see a Functional doctor). Spend time each day in the direct golden light of the Sun.

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