Three Spring Festivals – Aries, Taurus, Gemini – Restoring the Plan on Earth

Since winter solstice, the New Group of World Servers has been preparing for the Three Spring festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini solar festivals at the time of the full moon), and especially for Wesak, the Buddha Full Moon Festival in Taurus.

The purpose for the Three Spring Festivals is to assist humanity in “Restoring the Plan for the Earth.” Helping humanity to cooperate with, anchor and further the Plan of spiritual unity.

The Three Spring Festivals are the first three full moons in the new spiritual year (begun at Spring Equinox, as the Sun entered Aries). The dates of these festivals are Tuesday April 11 (Aries festival), Wednesday May 10 (Taurus, Wesak) & Friday June 9 (Gemini festival). Everyone can join in the festivals. Preparation begins with knowledge of them.

The Three Spring Festivals form a template for the new spiritual year. Along with the following nine new and full moons (festivals) the Three Spring Festivals direct humanity toward the Path of Return via the sacred knowledge of astrology. What is this astrology?

Astrology is a “unified field theory” that directs us in our search for spiritual truth. Astrology allows one to “Know the self” (words inscribed over the Mystery Temples) and cultivates within each of us the knowledge that we are each of great value (to self, to others and to the world). Astrology helps us have an accurate understanding and appreciation of the Divine Plan. Astrology helps in the synthesis of universal, human and divine values. Astrology (science and art of) is the foundation of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

ARIES: The sign and time of Aries demands that things not come too easily. We need challenges, a contest, a test. We need to be dared and to feel that life is an experiment where only the brave need participate. There needs to be a bit of opposition, something to defy, something to call forth one’s courage. If these aren’t in the air, then there’s no reason to be in the game. The game of life. Aries understands the “chase.”

TAURUS: There may be difficulty expressing yourself at this time, especially with Venus, your ruler, retrograde. It isn’t easy to share your inner thoughts. What we know about you is this – you’re subtle, hidden, compassionate, complex, need comfort, interested in psychology and helping others. Showing your feelings in public never happens. Only with those you trust. They’re the lucky ones.

GEMINI: Are friends around these days, more than usual? Are you assessing the groups you belong to and the friends you have? With Venus retrograde it’s important to evaluate if what you value is true and real. There are many ideas presented in our world. But there is only one truth. Are you following what others believe? Geminis have a responsibility to gather the truth and disperse it. They can’t be followers.

CANCER: You can wonder how you contribute to the world at large and if you have authority or even if anyone listens to you, honors you, and if you are a guide to anyone. These are important question for everyone, but especially Cancers who can hide away but really hope someday they are seen as strong in character, recognized as important and able to communicate successfully. Are these questions you’re asking?

LEO: The essence of all your past experiences and learnings is how you formed your philosophy of life. As you review the past, including what you valued then and what you value now (people, events, lovers, etc.,) you see how life educated you, offered you vision, long journeys and spiritual realities. You have these days the mind of a priest, a judge, a journeyer, a professor and a mystery.

VIRGO: There is a sense of losing one’s direction or boundaries, a sense of self-sacrifice in order to blend with others forming contact and connection. There’s a sense of something disappearing or dying. Not physical death but perhaps the death of limitations that leads to growth, transformation, regeneration, rebirth of the self or of a relationship. The changes may be creating a crisis. This will pass. You’re the phoenix.

LIBRA: All Libras need people, things social, relationships, intimates to bring them out into the world, to be friends, to partner, to play and to share with them. “Other” is always Libra’s basic need. It is only with the “other” that Libra can reflect upon and understand the self. Libra is intelligent, has a loving nature, attracts love, and creates harmony out of all of life’s conflicts and chaos.

SCORPIO: You have very artistic abilities, deep and refined. However, many are unable to see them. You keep your abilities quite protected. It’s important to have a peaceful, harmonious and beautiful environment. You’re both an old soul yet very young at heart. Be clear, direct and truthful when communicating. Relationships are really about communication. Begin to be the peacemaker. Warriors are able to be peaceful too.

SAGITTARIUS: There be lots of dramatic goings on in your life or in lives around you. Drama, not a judgment, is simply lots of intense expression. There are also things attractive, sensual and romantic, the arts and music around you. All of these you need to match your creative self-expression. Your heart’s desires are often apparent along with your feelings. What you’re really displaying is kindness, compassion and warm-heartedness. A colorful blend.

CAPRICORN: Perhaps you’re thinking of your heritage, ancestry and lineages. And childhood times. The planets in the sky seem to have precipitated down into wherever you are presently. Perhaps in your home and garden. Trying to secure themselves, and offer their seeds of wisdom directly into your heart. Creating within you a stable sense of spirituality. They are calling you to rest more, to relax, to know all’s well. In all areas of life, past, present and future. Their sound is Ohm.

AQUARIUS: You have many ideas, many talents, are curious with a very intelligent mind. You seek community – through family, siblings, friends, short journeys, writing and communication. There is a need to assess what your values are (people, events, resources, things, etc.) And to communicate your gratitude with those who love and care for you. There will be a lot of moving about in your life. Stabilize each day with prayer.

PISCES: Your environments must begin to reflect calmness, beauty, order and organization. There may be memories of early childhood experiences. We realize that families and relationships are given to us so that we may learn more together. Learning how to help and care for each other, develop compassion and recognize forgiveness. All our relationships have this as a purpose. We remember our family, our early lives. We are grateful. Always and forever.

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