New Rhythms, New Archetypes, New Ideas for a New World

We are in the full stream of Aries fire now. Spring has arrived and new life is emerging in the Northern Hemisphere. The new Spiritual Year began at Spring Equinox as the Sun entered initiating Aries, sign of the mind (Mercury), where all ideas begin along with the impulse to take action (Mars) in form and matter. Then the world changes (Uranus).

Uranus entered Aries in 2011 remaining there till May 2018. Uranus, rabble-rouser “rocking our world”, brings change, revolution, revelation, differences, surprises, unpredictable events. Uranus creates worldwide instability, adjustments, government reforms and scientific innovations. Uranus is the planet of the people, bringing in sweeping and beneficial change for humanity.

Aries is the warrior, sign of initiating “all things new.” Aries is also for the people. Mercury, Uranus and Venus (all in Aries) call humanity to awaken, rise up, recognize new archetypes, revolutionize, unite and create the new culture and civilization, the new Aquarian Era. Together.

The new moon of the new zodiacal/spiritual (spring season) year occurs Monday evening, 8 degrees Aries. The personality building keynote is “Let form again be sought.” This is the constant impulse to reincarnate.

Mercury/Uranus stand together like messenger-sentries at the new moon, impressing humanity with new rhythms (Uranus), new ideas (Mercury) turning into ideals within humanity concerning the creation of a new future world.

Mercury in Aries helps us to pierce through the darkness of illusion and see reality. When we do so, there is a “birth of new ideas.” These ideas become revelations within us. Let us look for them (revelations). Share them. Apply them. Together.

ARIES: You shift from instinctual knowing to searching for self-identity. You need both. All of our identities are changing as the world is changing. We are all reflecting the shifts in our world. Unless we’re stranded in the old-world realities. But now you. You’re always initiating new thoughts and ideas. You know how to apply yourself responsibly to all challenges ahead.

TAURUS: You might be feeling different these days, vulnerable, tender, nostalgic, inflamed, exhausted, unable to sleep or sleeping too much. Your digestion may be off, your eyes tired, your stamina lessened. Be very careful with diet. Learn what your dosha (Ayurvedic constitution) and blood type are and eat accordingly. No nightshades. Seeking alternative health care will help. You are valuable, we need you. Stay healthy.

GEMINI: I often wonder what your dreams and visions are. Visions propel us into the future. They are based on desires and aspirations. When we envision things, we create a magnetic field around that vision and it “calls” things to us. Some of us no longer have visions. We have despaired of visions ever coming true. Where are you on this spectrum? Because now in the world your visions lead (or don’t) others.

CANCER: The planets form an umbrella at the top of your chart. This umbrella of stars and planets is not shading you. It is providing you with light; the light of accomplishment, right action, sense of achievement, service. Your presence helps others feel secure enough to move forward. This is an important task and identity. We know you’re shy. We know you notice.

LEO: Your sense of justice stands alongside your sense of adventure. You need the adventure, the rest of the world, including the kingdoms, need justice. And so, you shift from self to the world and back again until the two synthesize and you simply become the adventurous one creating a just world. New groups around you form. Leo’s are leaders. True leaders lead with a willing heart.

VIRGO: I wonder how your life has changed in the past eighteen months with North Node in Virgo. The North Node is our present/future dharma. Our task in this lifetime. I wonder if you’ve shifted into a new future, left the desert of aloneness, and are choosing praise instead of criticism of self. I wonder if you’re in the preparations and purifications of Lent, cultivating the virtuous life. And learning the beatitudes.

LIBRA: Relationship is the entire focus at this time and well into spring. You will want to be worthy of esteem through personal acts of kindness, compassion, having a generous spirit that produces true love. You want, even as the world changes, to maintain stability, a foundation based on care and respect. Each day you become more sensitive. Ponder upon others who are also sensitive. Especially to you. Is there a need to forgive?

SCORPIO: So much energy is in reserve now, no longer held behind the scenes. Mars, your planet, has entered Taurus, sign of stability. Its trajectory (your passions) as yet unknown. Each day carefully and rhythmically accomplish daily tasks. What these tasks are depend upon whether you’re asleep, a seeker, aspirant, pledged disciple, accepted disciple or Initiate. Which are you? Begin each day by standing in the light of the early morning Sun.

SAGITTARIUS: In time, creativity, around and within you becomes brighter, more golden, more accessible. You wonder always the right step to take. Take no steps into the bold unknown, not yet, unless it’s the bold unknown within the self. Take seriously the Lenten preparations. The Venus retrograde takes you home again. And again. Really or metaphorically. There’s special healing work to be done with family only you can do.

CAPRICORN: You’ve entering a new world, one offered and chosen. New structures, vitality, color, shape, beauty and it holds your future. Sometimes there are depths of shadows. But you step lightly out of them. At times, you’re called to be a leader. All the stars and planets are creating a new stable foundation for you. Like a carpet of light for you to step on. It’s most important to tend to family in new ways. Ponder quietly on this. Revelations eventually appear.

AQUARIUS: The planets are creating a stellium (gathering) of lights in your mind. You might be thinking at the “speed of light.” Do you know that there’s something faster than the speed of light? It would be good to take notes during this time when you mind will feel it’s in a shower of meteors. Within each spark of light is an idea to be pondered, anchored. This is a serious time of revelation for you and your Aquarian tasks ahead.

PISCES: For years, you’ve been learning and studying while simultaneously following inner guidance. It’s important to identify the value of your work, abilities, knowledge and gifts. They help others, create (even if resisted) new conversations and allow for greater awareness. You will be offered much in the coming months. Assess with care, invoking right timing, direction, wisdom, discipline and Right Knowing.

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