Venus Retrograde in Aries

Venus is retrograde in Aries. Retrogrades are times of re-evaluation and review. Venus represents our possessions, values, relationships (lovers, partners, intimate friends). Aries is all things new. When planets retrograde the past reappears often for completion. During retrogrades decisions are to be delayed, plans set aside for reflection, contemplation and assessment. We follow the same rules for Mercury retrogrades when Venus retrogrades. We pay more attention to our money, resources, finances and relationships. Know that in Venus retrograde times, the values of things are not known. Therefore, it is especially important to NOT purchase anything of value during this time.

Venus, retrograde until April 15, returns to 27 degrees Pisces (sign of “saving the world”). This 40 days & 40 nights of retrograde Venus follows the us through tax time and through Lent, culminating (stationary direct) on Holy Saturday in the early morning and Easter (Resurrection) Sunday morning. The simultaneity of Lent and Venus retrograde is purposeful. Venus rules the Aquarian Age. Venus is Earth’s elder sister. Our God came from Venus. There is an awakening happening within humanity. We ponder these things during the Venus retrograde. Venus brings forth the “appearance of expanded awareness and consciousness to all of humanity – the aware that of group responsibility to ‘save our world.’”

Aries: There is a focus upon the self. This self-focus is an important and needed developmental stage. One must know the self, one’s needs, behaviors, abilities, gifts, etc. before we can know others. There will be a looking inward to assess how you present yourself to the world. You might redefine yourself, create a new image, change your appearance, seek the Soul’s essence of yourself. And see that you are valuable as a self.

Taurus: Spiritual values, religion, things behind the scenes, veiled and hidden come into internal view. Venus will penetrate into these depths, find secret desires and aspiration and gradually unfold them, like a lotus, to your inner heart. The world may seem quite nebulous for you for about six weeks. This is good. You’re not to be looking outward. You’re to be looking inward, discovering yourself as a resource for the world to come.

GEMINI: You ponder upon friends (old, new, present ones), groups, hopes, wishes, dreams. You assess who your friends really are, the quality of your social life and what groups you are part of, asking yourself who belongs to you, who doesn’t. Things surface from the past in order to complete themselves. Do it with love. You must select like-minded people now creating the new world. You don’t want to be left behind.

CANCER: There’s a need to be thorough and responsible in all things you accomplish in the world. You ponder upon your life’s purpose, reconsider your career, and think upon the past when you were in a place of power and recognition. You think about your parents – the gifts they offered. And all the people in the past who helped you climb the ladder. Now you help others.

LEO: There’s a reconsideration of things in your life. Your ideas on justice, travel, the past and people you believed in and trusted. You think on those you neglected or didn’t treated well. We learn through retrogrades. Remembering helps us become sensitive and compassionate. Sometimes there’s a crisis of awareness where we make life changes and remedy all situations where perhaps we fell short. We didn’t know then. But now we do.

VIRGO: Finances and resources are to be evaluated. Shared money, loans, gifts, stocks, insurance, inheritances, too. Consider past uses for money and resources. Do you want to change how you use money and resources now? Are there resources not tended to? Now is the time to care for them. Interest in things psychological, sexual, mysterious and occult may be renewed. Is there something that needs research?

LIBRA: You may feel the need to restore a magical presence to all relationships and interactions, especially intimate ones. You can do this with a whisper, a smile, a touch, small gift, or with your presence. Allow no doubt to come between you and your intimate “other.” Instead, review and then renew the past, asking each other how to deepen the commitment. For those unattached, do not make long-term commitments. So much changes after Venus retro is over.

SCORPIO: There’s a review of all the relationships you’ve been in, encountered, hoped for and remained in for too long. All relationships and your desires (fulfilled and unfulfilled) were important developmental stages. In reviewing past relationships, we can complete them with good wishes, goodwill, forgiveness (self and others) and gratitude. Every relationship teaches us something. Every relationship is valued and valuable. Every relationship heals us.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be creative plans, projects, ideas, that fell by the wayside in the past years. Perhaps they were put aside for the future, perhaps considered not valuable, important or worth it. Now is the time to review and renew what was set aside and bring them to the forefront. There needs to be some sort of romance brought forth too. And a bit more fun. What is in the past can inspire a greater beauty and creativity to emerge.

CAPRICORN: Are there childhood events being remembered? Perhaps a home od grandparent from long ago. Were there plans for your present home put on hold? It’s good now to study research home design plans, your personal creative design work (art) and garden designs for the areas around the home. There may be thoughts about mother and/or father. And childhood situations affecting present relationships. A family member may need special loving care.

AQUARIUS: We communicate according to Mercury in our charts. And how we experienced communication in early family life. Proceed slowly with all communications. Attempt to observe if others are understanding you. Ask them. = It’s a good time to be in touch with siblings, relatives, friends. It’s also good to fix things – bikes, boats, cars. Make no major purchases at this time. Focus on your creativity. And loving more.

PISCES: It is important to consider, in detail, what you value in your life – physical, emotional, mental, material, spiritual. Create a Values Journal during the six weeks of this Venus retrograde. Write down all things of value to you and explain why. This includes people in your life and material objects that surround you. When something is of value we cherish it. When it is not of value, it’s best to give it away. During this retro time, create a practical monetary budget. Save money for a rainy day. And tithe generously.

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