Michaelmas, Libra New Moon, Rosh Hashanah

Thursday, September 29th, is Michaelmas, Feast of St. Michael, honoring Archangel Michael, protector of the Earth during Autumn. During each season a different cosmic protector or archangel tends, cares for and protects Earth and her kingdoms. The Autumn Archangel is Michael. He carries a sword. Winter’s protector is Archangel Gabriel. He has a special connection with Mary, Mother of Jesus. Spring’s Archangel is Raphael. He carries the chalice of healing. And summer’s protector is Uriel. He teaches in meadows and fields to all the kingdoms. The devas (nature spirits) especially love him.

Friday is the new moon at 8.15 degrees Libra. At new moon festivals we “strengthen and support the endeavors of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS).” The NGWS work in all nations. Often unrecognized, they work with intention and dedication to bring into the world that which humanity needs. We must always ask ourselves when attempting to serve the world, “What does humanity need?”

Sunday night is the first evening of Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, ending Tuesday evening. Rosh Hashanah celebrates Adam and Eve’s (humanity’s) creation and we contemplate upon (our) humanity’s role in G-d’s world. It’s a day of Judgment, too. The shofar (ram’s horn) is sounded, calling humanity to forgiveness. Rosh Hashanah is the first of the 10 Days of Repentance culminating in Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement, Wednesday, Oct. 12). During Rosh Hashanah we eat apples dipped in honey asking for a “sweet year” ahead, and bless one another with the words “Leshanah tovah.” (May you have a good year.)

ARIES: You will be called to teamwork, perhaps by competitors and possibly by those you consider as enemies. Don’t fret or fuss. Libra is about bringing Right Human Relations, balance, and fairness to all interactions. You can initiate this though your intentions and will(ingness). This will enhance your public image, create new alliances, and affect your environments (inner and outer), friendships and release love all around.

TAURUS: It’s time to seriously consider another level of health, exercise, and proper eating – very necessary at this time to vitalize your energy system and adrenals. The emphasis now needs to be on service to self. Everyone around you, including pets, will be reflecting your health issues. Use homeopathics. Consider Ayurveda. Add resveratrol, chlorella and herbs for the lymphs. Swimming is good, too.

GEMINI: What are your favorite activities, hobbies and what do you do for fun? Have these changed in the past several years? What do you value and love, where and how do you find freedom, and are there children or pets in your life? Contemplate upon these questions, so you can, with eyes wide open, recognize your true life Path. Libra balances and harmonizes Gemini’s polarities and dualities. Do you understand this?

CANCER: It seems your property, what you own and/or where you live, has been in a state of reordering, reorganizing, reorientation, and transformation. At some point, emerging from your inner rooms you might consider creating a “garden room.” Perhaps it’s also time for a greenhouse and an uncluttered home office. Where and who is your community these days? What is your personal “Art of Living?”

LEO: It’s a good time to write letters, the old fashioned way. It’s also good to contact family, siblings, old friends and renew relationships, which may have been set aside due to excess work, intense grief, or a general antipathy toward relationships. Visiting forests, woods, oceans and glens allows you to feel your relationship with all of life. The most nurturing relationship is the with the plant kingdom, the most balanced. Communicate with the green and violet devas.

VIRGO: Perhaps it’s time for a resale sale, or maybe a new look at your resources and valuable possessions. Assessing your resources with new eyes provides insight into what your true values are. How have your values changed in the past twelve years? Acknowledging what you value refreshes and regenerates your identity and directs your next steps on the path. Which then again, could change.

LIBRA: Do not be afraid of leadership. But do be aware leadership is a razor’s edged path. It’s important to understand that others look at leaders through the lens of their own experiences, wounds, childhood, expectations, needs and projections. This is not comfortable for leaders. Only the courageous and loving can lead effectively. Begin to create new projects that will overflow into next year. Something’s almost over. As something new, a feeling, a forgiveness perhaps, appears.

SCORPIO: Visit the ill, the hospitalized, the shut away, the sad, the lonely, and the limited. Those in need. This will provide you with a perspective on your own life that leads to clear self-analysis, contemplation, and the ability to reorient yourself toward spiritual values. Tithe, be charitable, ask forgiveness for past omissions, and seek work that heals humanity. Big tasks for a courageous person (disciple).

SAGITTARIUS: Are there several social contracts or social aspirations that you consciously or unconsciously adhere to? Ask yourself if there are opportunities for a new occupation that would benefit you if you told others of your immediate and far-reaching aspirations and life goals? How is your financial situation? Things are attempting to balance and reorient themselves to the light this month. Short trips out and about are good. They bring you to right balanced perspective.

CAPRICORN: New work goals and newer ways to offer your gifts, talents and abilities come forth. Review past work and know that it was good. Know also that you can summon all gifts from your many past lives into your present and ask that they be applied efficiently and brilliantly to this life. Ask also that they provide you with art and beauty. Ponder on possible plans and goals. All things beneficent fall into your world, your daily life. You create rituals of gratitude.

AQUARIUS: It’s time to contemplate upon a long-range life program. Ask yourself, “What do I want to learn and to do? Where do I want to go? Whom do I want to meet and include in my life?” Recognize that answers to these questions bring light to your life’s needs, providing you with a view of your aspirations. And your inner nature. Write your answers down in a notebook, anchoring them. Know everything will come to pass. Perhaps a home is first.

PISCES: Continue to eliminate things in your life that are not in alignment with order, organization, purity and simplicity. Pay all debts and continue saving. Economic prudence is most important now and will, later, become a resource. There are several very important items needing to manifest in your life to be used communally. See yourself working with the Law of Attraction. It comes with Love. Conserve all spending as you conserve your energy. A new talent arises.

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