Peace Messengers, Mercury Direct, Autumn Equinox

Wednesday, is the United Nations International Day of Peace. It calls all of humanity to gather together in a spirit of peace and to commit to intentions for peace even amidst differences. There are peace day activities everywhere around the globe. Everyone is asked to participate in a public or private activity related to peace.

At the United Nations, at 12 noon, the Peace Bell, given to the US from Japan, will be rung. Simultaneously we are called to a “Moment of Silence”, at 12 noon, in every time zone, creating a united “Peace Wave” around the world.

Students from around the world participate in Peace Day at the United Nations. They are called Peace Messengers. We can be a Peace Messenger, too. But first we must know how to bring about peace.

I have written about this before. I will write it again. There is an esoteric equation that tells us how to bring about peace. Goodwill = Right Relations = Peace. We begin with Intentions for Goodwill (in all actions, thoughts, speech). Goodwill becomes Right Human Relations (RHR with all Kingdoms – mineral, plant, animal & human). RHR then creates the first steps towards an active & ongoing process called Peace.

The New Group of World Servers, as our action for peace, will be reciting the Great Invocation every 15 minutes on Peace Day. For more information – Event map of Peace Activities. How to be involved –

Wednesday night, Mercury stations direct, at 15 degrees Virgo.

Thursday morning, Sun (at the equator) enters Libra, and Autumn begins. Persephone enters the underworld. Ceres grieves. The plant kingdom begins to withdraw. The apples, persimmons, pomegranates and guavas ripen.

ARIES: The sign Virgo and the lunar eclipse brought to the forefront in your life aspects of service. This is a time of asking all of us what and whom we serve? In daily life the issues of order and organization have become important. Along with health and well-being. Virgo asks us to purify. The eclipse lets things fall away from our life. You discover renewed faith in yourself.

TAURUS: A new level of courage is offered so you can begin to take little risks along the way. In order to bring forth the new realities it’s good to call forth confidence in yourself that what you see and feel are correct and are actual directions as to your next step in life. You must learn a bit more about working as a team with care and cooperation. Sharing too.

GEMINI: Home and work in the world are both activated by Virgo and the Pisces lunar eclipse. Both need a new level of attention for both are changing. You work instinctually when it comes to family and home. Your wounds seem to be stimulated when you think of work in the world. Recognize them and allow them to wash over you. Take Ignatia Amara (homeopath for grief). Home at this time safeguards you.

CANCER: Learning new things and sharing your knowledge and experiences with others is what is needed now. You often keep information to yourself under your shell of protection. This is good for you. However, there are so many who need your knowledge, expertise, ways of knowing and living. Please consider sharing more. In the months to come you will want to travel and perhaps move.

LEO: Security, your own and for others, becomes a significant focus along with finances and resources, sexuality and spirituality. They are all different levels of resources in your life. Begin with making yourself secure and comfortable. Then move onto others in need. Perhaps they are another kingdom (animal, plant, mineral). Ponder upon what intimacy means to you. It’s time to begin a new creative endeavor (again).

VIRGO: You may be called to act with courage and confidence concerning how you identify yourself. Events may occur that who you thought were your friends may actually turn out not to be. What this means is a new journey has begun for you as old ways begin to pass away. It’s good to assess your wardrobe. As we change internally our appearance in the world must change too.

LIBRA: Inner spiritual resources will come to your aid when you feel lost or at sea without direction. Prayer helps, storming heaven does too. Much of what you have relied upon, even desires, fall away. You’ve built up strong inner resources over the years. Though it seems as if answers are covered by a mist, persevere in your prayers of asking and the veils will fall away.

SCORPIO: There may have been expectations that didn’t quite work out as planned or hoped for. There are people, friends, hopes, wishes and dreams hovering about in the airs around you. Who and/or what are they? Be sure to communicate with those who love and support you. Soon new challenges will come your way. That’s the way for Scorpio. It’s always something…reorienting, transforming, dying, shifting or being born.

SAGITTARIUS: Something happened during the retrograde that was unusual. You were called out to be a different persona, to uphold a new reality, to assume a different task in the world. You undertook this with bravado and a sense of theatre. But underneath a deep spiritual value came forth. This experience will hold you to something new in the future. As the clouds clear, and the mists part, you will understand.

CAPRICORN: So many things felt uncertain, cloudy, misty the past weeks. Things in form and matter, got lost, laid in the sun, fell apart. There was disappointment, perhaps. Now life turns around again, falls into place. New plans are made, new encouragement and enthusiasm. Hands are steadier, ideas able to be turned into action. New opportunities await. They’re all around you. Choose all of them. You laugh.

AQUARIUS: You’re learning how well you can provide for yourself. You’re recognizing your creative efforts keep you well protected and cared for. I have written many time that Aquarians are the ones who come from the future. So they know the future. Rather like an “unthought known.” And therefore all they experience prepares others who watch them for that future, for the times to come. You are valuable. You are our forerunner.

PISCES: There is a seeking for clarity about the nature of your relationships with intimates, friends, acquaintances. Some have fallen away and some you no longer want to be part of. This signifies that you are walking down a different road now, entering into new studies and world relationships, working on new and different goals. At first there’s sadness. Then you turn toward the new lands offered. A new world comes into view.

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