Mercury Retrograde, New Moon Solar Eclipse

Last Tuesday (August 30) Mercury began its three-week retrograde lasting till September 21, moving backwards from 29 degrees to 15 degrees Virgo. Where these degrees fall in our astrology charts informs us what area of life will be affected. During Mercury’s retrograde four planets and three asteroids are also retrograde. It is a very internal reflective time for humanity.

Thursday evening, September 1, is a new moon solar eclipse, 9 degrees Virgo. The Sun, our vital energy, becomes hidden. Its tasks completed, something essential comes to an end. This eclipse is the same degree as the Sept. 1, 1997 eclipse. There is a connection of life events between now and then. Who can make that connection? This is the purpose for Esoteric journals, recording astrological life events we can return to for reference.

New moon festival meditations support the work and endeavors of the New Group of World Servers and women and men of Goodwill in our world. Join us everyone.

The week: Thursday night may feel challenging and restrictive with Sun/Saturn. Friday, a bit confusing at first with Sun/Neptune. Then a loving clarity comes forth from Mercury/Jupiter in Virgo. We sense “Love underlying all happenings in our world.” Saturday and Sunday, Libra moon, we seek balance, harmony, beauty and Right Relations.

Monday is Labor Day – we offer gratitude to all those who labor to serve us. Scorpio moon on Labor Day creates a quiet mysterious day. Tuesday builds towards the night’s Sun/Pluto. A transforming pre-Halloween night. Wednesday (Venus, Saturn, Neptune) we tend to our money and to our spirit. Love calls.

ARIES: Mercury is the Soul ruler of Aries, after Mars. Mercury helps Aries build a new mind, gather resources for learning. Mercury helps educate Aries, making the “initiator” less risk taker, more mentally poised. Mercury retro is affecting daily life. Take special care with health. Be kinder than usual when communicating. Don’t display frustration or impatience. Or you will be imitated.

TAURUS: The eclipse is summoning your creative gifts, talents and abilities, inviting you to express thoughts, ideas, desires and aspirations. It’s important to allow for enjoyment and happy feelings. Previous issues with partners may emerge. They were never fully tended to. One must rework those same matters once again in order to move forward. Listening, questioning, patience, clarity and compromise are keys.

GEMINI: What is your relationship with your home? Does it provide the comfort and security needed? Are there thoughts, intentions to move and rearrange things? Or to seek help with family dynamics? Family Constellation work is good to research. There may be adjustments needed in family lifestyle and/or home. Take care with domestic issues. Nothing may be as it seems. But you should try to be.

CANCER: You represent the Milky Way – that path of stars in the night sky holding all the world in its heavenly light. You are the Moon Maiden, spilling forth starlight that nourishes Earth’s kingdoms. Spilling stars from your hands, each night you ask, “Have I given you enough stars to nourish your path? Shall I give you more?” And thus humanity continues to be nurtured.

LEO: The mystery of the Sphinx is contained in your sign. The Sphinx mystery speaks of the relation of our zodiac with the great Galactic center. Whereas Cancer broods over, and Virgo ponders in silence, Leo concentrates its mind on what it values, learning how to deeply value the self. To be prosperous one must have love. Love creates a magnet within our heart. The heart of love attracts what is needed. Love more.

VIRGO: You always seek forms that have a deep level of beauty and perfection. This applies to you, too, in the ways you look, speak and project yourself into the world. In all that you do, there is an expansion of wholeness. Especially now with Jupiter in Virgo. All Virgos are Madonnas hiding what the entire path of evolution is moving towards. It’s a Trinity that dwells within you.

LIBRA: A new level of self-recognition appears, along with new self-esteem. Things you have done since the last eclipse have allowed you to become strong with

self- knowledge and self-confidence. Notice all the “self” words in the sentences. The eclipse eliminates hindrances to moving forward into new and exciting horizons. You have enriched yourself with so many graces and beauty. Consider sharing it with someone who loves you.

SCORPIO: You refuse to succumb to a fragmentary picture presented by the world. You know as a Scorpio that everything is connected within a web of golden light. (Indra’s Net). You stand in a garden with a chalice in your hand, reciting the three sounds of AUM each day. Each sound (level) is a part of you and the world. Spirit (A), soul (U), personality (M). Say each sound individually. Pour forth your chalice (U) of sounds to the world in need. This is discipleship work.

SAGITTARIUS: Sag is the sign of the Path and the goal of all things. You are always reaching for a new goal, cycle after cycle. We are now in a cycle of Love/Wisdom which governs our entire solar system. The emphasis is on the Sun and the heart of the Sun. Your virtue is enthusiasm. This means “filled with God.” Your mind and heart always seek the higher regions of knowing, each next step upon the Path. It’s important to realize you ARE the Path. Actually.

CAPRICORN: As both Cancer and Virgo are signs of the Mother, Capricorn is the Father principle (Will and Purpose). The messenger within all signs is Mercury. With Mercury in Virgo we are told that all structures we are used to, and Capricorn loves structure, are no longer working or available as usual. This makes us feel directionless at times. Look to, find, speak with the Big Dipper in the sky for direction.

AQUARIUS: Know that you are essential to the path humanity is on. As you walk the path yourself, you come to understand the true essential meaning of life on Earth. Earth is a school. The Earth-as-school path trains our minds. You see past, present and future. Your mind is learning how to interpret inner truths and explain them to the world. Only then can humanity build the new culture & civilization, the template, with you.

PISCES: You know the Voice of the Silence sounding through the universe. You see all things as one, united in a field of golden energy. Often this realization isn’t understood by others. You are the other side of Virgo. Its shadow. You have inclusive reasoning along with “isolated unity.” Meaning, often Pisces stands alone. Your companions are Neptune and Pluto. You sense all the parts & how they play within the One whole unified state. You are not from here.

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