Burning Man, Mercury Retrograde – Back to the Future

Burning Man, nine-day, intentional, temporary, desert art community, on the playas of Black Rock City (BRC), (northern) Nevada, begins Sunday, August 28 and ends Monday, Labor Day, Sept. 5th. The formation of this temporary society is based on “radical self-reliance and self -expression” within the context of art, community and cooperation, a new social structure. As the old society falls away, we will seek community, places of refuge based on this experiment. Everything that occurs is created by its citizens. Everyone participates. It’s an experiment. Theme for 2016 is “Da Vinci’s Workshop.”

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance (15th-16th centuries), when Ray 3 (Divine Intelligence), Ray 5 (Concrete & Scientific Knowledge) and Ray 7 (anchoring a new template, rhythm, new archetypes of living), streamed into the Earth, creating artistic and scientific innovation and an enlightenment that led Europe out of the Dark Ages (6th-14th centuries).

The Renaissance was a revolutionary cultural movement. Science and art flourished, especially in Florence, Italy. An example of Renaissance art is Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” (1480).

Burning Man 2016 “attempts to become the epicenter of the new present day renaissance.” Its “hero” is Leonardo da Vinci, creator of “Vitruvian Man”, head, arms and feet outstretched, representing the 5-pointed star of Venus. Read more: http://burningman.org/event/brc/2016-art-theme-da-vincis-workshop/.

Appropriately as Burning Man looks to the past, Mercury retro begins, stationing at 29 degrees Virgo (early morning Tuesday, August 30th). What does this mean? The “new renaissance” at Black Rock will have unusual turnabouts and surprises. Mercury retro is heyoka, the trickster, contrarian, medicine man, healer, functioning upside down, inside out, posing questions, zen koans, so we see things differently. Mercury retro is perfect for Burning Man…looking back to the future.

ARIES: All work environment, both home and professionally will feel cluttered and disorganized. They will call you to order and organization. There will be changes in scheduling and routines. There is no routine in Mercury retro times. Mercury retro doesn’t allow it because things are supposed to be different, upside down & sideways. Careful with communication for it doesn’t work well either. Not in the usual way. Nothing will be safe, Nothing predictable. Play with it.

TAURUS: Your usual creative energy will withdraw inward for a while. Remember all that you did as a child. Remember what you liked and didn’t like. Remember what you did for pleasure, for comfort. What art did you offer others? How curious were you? It’s a good time to be with children, to gather groups for art, dance, painting, gallery, theatre, beach, park night. Crafts nights. Someone from the past reappears. Uh Oh.

GEMINI: Things might be, should be (are they?) happening in your home. Or things concerning home. Mercury retrograding through your home (foundation) brings up the idea of roots, childhood, thought patterns and belief learned while young. St. Paul’s saying comes to mind. “When a child I thought like a child.” How are your thoughts different now? While pondering this question, rearrange the furniture, kitchen, garage and yard, too.

CANCER: Everything concerning travel neighborhoods, communication, learning, talking, cars, driving, trips, appointments, plans – all may go into a state of confusion for you. Mercury retro makes everything topsy-turvy, not understood, changed, sometimes difficult and calls everyone to just do things over again. But in a different way. All those “r” words come into play. Rewrite, renew, review, re…..everything.

LEO: Values, resources, money, finances and more money. It’s good to create a Values Journal. Title: “This is What I Value.” And write your values in it every day. What is the situation with your income? Shifting to the Soul’s questions. How is your life energy? And what are your spiritual values? What in life do you truly seek? Do you feel you are of value to the world? Are you tithing?

VIRGO: There will be a re-thinking and re-assessment concerning your self-image. The image you see in the mirror and the image you project to the world. Virgo likes to be impeccable with speech and communication, plans and organization. However, Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, has other plans. Words aren’t available, perceptions may be skewed, all reflections will not be remembered when Mercury turns direct. Virgo, forget everything & just have fun.

LIBRA: I like to write about Libra, a social sign (out & about), my rising and my daughter’s Sun sign. It’s always about balance, poise, beauty and Right Relations. However, this month all these virtues becomes veiled. Mercury whisks Libra behind the scenes into the depths of religion and psychology offering messages from the underworld, overworld…somewhere…and dreams are the result. Libra, you’re not alone. Create an altar.

SCORPIO: So you want to be with friends, especially those from the past. There’s something special from the not too distant past that you long for, think about, pine away for. It’s not just desire. It’s actually need. And so you must take the time to revisit and discover if returning is the right move. Don’t move yet. Only visit. Allow no misunderstandings to go unattended. Goals, dreams, hopes, wishes need serious consideration.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s work from the past, a job, or business or promises or a promotion perhaps, that must be tended to. You’re a leader. A leader’s gifts are leading with both will, love and patience. Patience. Is there a job you need to reapply for? Something you must do again? Mercury retro helps you reconsider career and make contact with important people. “Contact releases love.” And direction.

CAPRICORN: You might be thinking of a place you would like to (re)visit. You might think about studying something, returning to school, completing a course. You may be confronted with aspects of truth, morals and ethics. It’s good to review what your truths morals and ethics are. As we enter Aquarius the New Laws & Principles of the Aquarian Age become our new morals and ethics. Watch your step when walking.

AQUARIUS: Check all legal financial papers – bank accounts, insurance, loans, mortgage or car payments. Is anything due? Pay bills on time. Make sure when sharing resources that everyone receives their fair share. Be sure too of a proper balancing of energies when helping others. Don’t overdo, overexert, overtax or overheat. Drink lots of pure water, purifying and cleansing.

PISCES: When marrying we promise to honor the other in sickness or health, good times and bad. We promise to respect the other and help them “till death do we part.” Commitments we make usually in the throes of emotional passions and desire. As Mercury retro passes through your relationship/marriage house you may want to re-negotiate those vows. Adding to them by loving more, giving more, promising more. Just don’t get married. Not yet. These words apply to all relationships.

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