Heliacal (before & near the Sun) Rising of Sirius

In ancient Egypt the annual flooding of the Nile occurred as Sirius, the blue-white star left of Orion, became visible just before sunrise. This is called the Heliacal (Greek, near the Sun; Helios mean “sun”) rising of Sirius, a flashing forth of the Light of Sirius at pre-dawn before the Sun appears. Rising before the Sun & over the dome of the sky, Sirius rising & the Nile’s floodwaters (helping grow foods for the year) appeared simultaneously.

The Pyramids (Temples of Initiation) were built to align with Sirius. A sculpture of Isis, aligned with the rising of Sirius, stood in the Egyptian temples. On her forehead a jewel was placed. As Sirius flashed forth in the pre-dawn sky, its light touched the jewel of Isis and it began to sparkle and glow. Soon the Nile would overflow. And the Egyptian new year began.

The days (heliacal rising) of Sirius (July 3 – August 11) are called the Dog days (Sirius is located in the system Canis, Major, Great Dog) of summer (hottest days, N. latitudes).

Sirius, the star of freedom, both oversees and was behind the founding of the United States. Sirius is where love originates, a love that flows through Leo into the hearts of humanity. Make contact with Sirius and love is released. Christ, the World Teacher, is from Sirius. Upon completing our Earth (a cosmic school), journey, seven cosmic paths appear for us to choose from. One is the Path to Sirius (Path of Electric Fire).

Sirius is a binary (2 stars) star. In Mali, West Africa, the Dogon tribe has known since ancient times of Sirius and its companion star Sirius B (Po Tolo, Seed of Creation). The Dogon’s source of information was the Nommo, amphibious beings from Sirius. Night Light News (our website), is named after Sirius B.

ARIES: It’s important to recognize what you know. It is a gift to be shared with others. You can be strong-willed, driven by self- confidence and authority. However, your fire soon burns out, your attention shifted elsewhere. It’s important to acknowledge others’ beliefs and points of view, allowing others to share their accomplishments. Then you become a true leader for others to learn from.

TAURUS: You remember many things about family and friends. Each memory has a message. Don’t allow other people’s beliefs, criticisms or behaviors deter you from your mission. Identify with your own thinking and intuition. It’s important to feel secure with the information you present to others. However, do not present ideas to those who will either appropriate it or test you with it. Maintain protection.

GEMINI: Your mind quickens with curiosity and creative expressions. Take a walk-about into neighborhoods. Interact with the five kingdoms. People will want to talk with you. Listen to what’s behind their words. Notice indecision. It reflects the dual nature of our world. Careful with distractions and finish what you’ve begun. Do only what keeps your mind interested and focused. You’re to initiate intelligent, heart-centered conversations.

CANCER: It’s important to ponder deeply upon essential decisions you need to make. You must have all the facts, be practical, while proceeding slowly. There’s value in taking your time, contemplating different choices. This allows for deliberation on final decisions. Determination colors your actions. You’re developing a greater level of concentration. Concentration is the first level of meditation (the Leo level).

LEO: Your voice is at times stronger, serious, more practical and, at other times, more spontaneous than usual. You might say things you don’t mean or didn’t consider. Your tone may have changed, too. Notice any arguments, competition, irritability, impatience and impulsiveness occurring. Concentration (Leo’s way of meditation) may seem impossible so you make quick decisions. All these observations help you get to the heart of all that matters.

VIRGO: You’re able to communicate with angels, devas and unseen beings. Devas are the angelic builders living in nature. As you contact them new ideas begin to be impressed. Intuition expands. Use your imagination and visualization to create the world you seek to live in. Listen carefully what others believe and value. Do they correspond with your values? Our minds change when we learn more.

LIBRA: Your professional work of service is your Vesta lamp. Its light fills you up with confidence and well-being. You’ve worked hard, gained success and status, climbed every step of the ladder. You’ve been generous with knowledge, time and skills. You rule with order and ethics. You have pride in your work and the many life decisions you made. It’s also essential to remember those who helped along the way. Always loving you.

SCORPIO: Scorpios learn the underbelly (hidden realities) of life, which develops a keen awareness of sorrow and pain, death and betrayal, leading to trust and mistrust. You have a sense of ethics and justice for everyone. Your most important tasks are uncovering life’s mysteries and the truth of the matter. Then self-identity emerges. Knowing what you know, you could rule the world. You also know the dangers. Hilary is Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS: In the past years, you’ve gained strength, expanded borders, extended horizons, projected yourself into new fields making yourself better. You lead others through dramatic stories, explanations, long journeys, your eyes always on the prize (mountaintops ahead). Your love of heritage and family produced a true self-identity. Remain calm. When you overdo, overdramatize, consequences result. Don’t let your crown slip.

CAPRICORN: Your values, sense of tradition and willingness to explore new realities have always been sources of strength. As you share your values and resources with others, subtle changes occur in your life. All hidden gifts come to the light. Remember anger, sadness, conflict and chaos all present us with messages. Learn to understand them. If overtired and overwhelmed, take a respite. Contemplate these things. With another.

AQUARIUS: Sometimes, in learning to understand relationships, we allow others to have more power. Eventually we become disheartened with this situation wondering what’s wrong. It’s not good for you to be in the shadows. You need freedom, excitement, love and consistency. Then you begin to trust and settle down. It’s good that others recognize your leadership, skills You bring the future to humanity.

PISCES: Soon you sit at the helm, become the organizer, the achiever, the advisor with the rules and a time watch. Few see the importance for responsible qualities. You will go in and out of everything falling away, disappearing and appearing again. Place your entire heart into your work. Visualize and imagine, draw and paint, in detail, your perfect life and how to seek to serve. Then the petals of your heart unfold. Twelve petals.

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