Preparing for the Gemini Festival of Humanity

The Gemini Festival of Humanity occurs Saturday, May 21st. I am writing about it ahead of time so everyone can be aware and if they choose, begin to prepare this week with the New Group of World Servers. We always prepare beforehand beginning with information that leads to knowledge leading to Right Choice and Right Action.

The Festival of Humanity occurs when the Sun is in Gemini at the time of the full moon (a timing mechanism for humanity). The Gemini Festival is the 3rd of Three Spring festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini) which prepare humanity for the remaining nine lessor festivals and rest of the spiritual year (till Aries next year).

The Gemini Festival has many names – Festival of Humanity, World Invocation Day, Christ Festival (representing humanity to His Father), and Festival of Synthesis. We are asked at the festivals, especially during the Gemini Festival to “play our part together and with strength for the purpose of world salvage.”

These Three Festivals (of Love, Will & Intelligence) form the foundation for the new world religion which will eventually supercede all great eastern and western religious festivals. The present world religions will eventually be replaced by a “new world religion,” incorporating the inner essential teachings of all religions. The new world religion will be that of Invocation & Evocation (asking/receiving) – the calling forth, receiving and anchoring (radiating) great spiritual energies to benefit humanity and build the new Aquarian culture and civilization.

The Purpose of the Festivals is…”the protection, liberation and stimulation of humanity, through the distribution and transference of extra-planetary spiritual energy so right steps (Right Thinking, Right Choices) can be taken always, leading humanity “out of darkness into light, from death to immortality, from the unreal to the Real and from chaos to Beauty.” (more next week)

ARIES: With the four planets retrograde it’s a time of great change for everyone, and especially for you personally. You will find yourself breaking with the past, attempting new endeavors, different ways of presenting yourself to the world. All interactions will take on different sounds, shapes, hues and meanings. Everything becomes unconventional. Including your appearance and how others see you. Dress in ways you’ve always imagined.

TAURUS: Someone or something is asking you to adopt a different value system, one that is not your usual and regular way of being. You resist. However, it’s important to listen for the what’s being asked affects your future. There are consequences to not listening. Perhaps you don’t know what they are yet. It’s a good idea to ponder upon these things. The old ways are in the way, everywhere.

GEMINI: Flashes of insight become commonplace and grow each day. They give you information concerning decisions and what authoritative action is best. More and more your actions are unique. This could lead to opposition from others, especially those in charge. They don’t understand your choices. Each day you seek more independence. You are not afraid anymore.

CANCER: Amidst the sudden decision to travel or have an adventure, you realize you’re seeking a paradise to live in. A good idea. Not for you the conventional path. Customs and traditions are set aside for new independent ideas and exotic places reflecting advanced ways of living and thinking. It’s an experiment for you and needed. Throw caution to the trade winds.

LEO: Resources, money, finances, investments and legal issues become a focus in your life. They are important at this time for organizational purposes. Do not allow yourself to become erratic or out-of-control. Your keen intuition tells you to keep track of all money, market and precious metals ups and downs and to realize sudden changes may occur in business and relationship interactions. Stay poised, alert, awake and observing.

VIRGO: A new unexpected and expanded self identity is forming. Careful! Some Virgo’s may unexpectedly marry without much thought. Some will divorce with even less. Other Virgos will be aware that strange things may occur around and within their relationship – erratic behaviors, a seeking of independence, possible major upsets and unexpected changes. Some Virgos will take this in stride. Knowing there’s a season for just about everything.

LIBRA: Your daily work environment, routines, schedules and also your health may become unpredictable moving toward irregular. Some Librans love this for it allows for more freedom. Others need the structure that reliable and regular agendas impose. Your might become angry, impatient and nervous. You sometimes learn the hard way. Through loss. Gather (and add to) your beloveds. Go to church. Listen to Gregorian chant. Pray.

SCORPIO: You’re inventive and creative. At times you realize the need for more self-control. You’ll learn this eventually. Self-knowledge sometimes comes through being reckless and foolhardy at first. The most important aspect of relationships now is communication. In fact, communication IS the relationship. Don’t fall back on old ways anymore. When desire arises, lift it up to the Soul. Then desire becomes aspiration. Aspiration means filled with life.

SAGITTARIUS: There’s constant change to your home life. There may a sense of confusion. A “I don’t know what I’m doing or where I belong anymore.” You wanted freedom, you wanted different and unusual living conditions. Family traditions, counter to your needs at this time, are still important. The foundations of your entire life have become unreliable and changeable. This persists. It’s very difficult. It will pass.

CAPRICORN: Thinking and communication take on dreamy intuitive multiple dimensions. Gradually, spontaneously, unexpectedly (Uranian words) you begin to have advanced, new thought thinking. Very few will think like you. A sense of aloneness develops until you find your group. Sometimes the garden devas become your group. Off you go, at a moment’s notice. People smile as you speed by. Running at the speed of Light.

AQUARIUS: When you hear someone in need here are some words to say to them, “How can I help? Let me know how I can help you.” Are you able to do this? In the Wisdom teachings the disciple is always asked to “look for the need” in all situations and to assist in filling that need”. In this way the Aquarian task of serving others (humanity) is always in the forefront. A great sense of purpose follows. When one serves, one is also always “served” (helped) in return.

PISCES: You develop a need to be independent and completely free, working best by yourself. Your environments, home and professional, must be orderly, clean and clear so that your investigative mind can work with ease and skill, unhindered. You need the company of creative people. This brings comfort. You need natural beauty, color and flowers. Zinnias, marigolds, moon flowers, honeysuckle. Plant them.

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