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Promoting Alvin Hall

From a marketing perspective, there are two kinds of events at Fayetteville Public Library. There are the sure-things that we know how to market with ease: puppet shows, special KUAF broadcasts, LeVar Burton. Then there are the events like “Straight Talk from Financial Educator Alvin Hall.”


Unlucky in Love

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching, and with it comes much anticipation by those who find it endearing.


‘Look Away’ Premiere Evocative, Tense

After getting the chance to see “Look Away” on its premiere weekend, I can say with confidence the play successfully creates an experience that’s both suspenseful and introspective.

Making Ripples

Become a Naturalist-in-Training

Learn about a wide range of topics, including geology, mycology, ornithology, ichthyology, herpetology, botany, mammalogy, entomology, astronomy, environmental interpretation, and information about local habitats like prairies and watersheds.