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Twelve Days After Christmas & a New Moon on New Year’s Day!

Often after the holidays (Christmas), there’s a feeling of let-down and ennui. Complex feelings of endings and beginnings arise. It’s important to realize we can continue celebrating and staying festive

Making Ripples

Ripples 2014 Resolutions

By Amanda Bancroft New Year’s resolutions are rushing towards us like the Polar Express — and are statistically likely to leave us behind if we don’t stick to them.

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Families Making Music Together

Staff Report Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement curriculum for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and the adults who love them. Originally offered to the public

Family Friendly

Free Energy-Saving Weatherization Kits

Staff Report The city of Fayetteville Community Service Division is offering free Energy Efficiency and Weatherization Kits to qualifying residents of low to moderate income. The kits are intended to


Using Art To Reinvent Alternative Print Media

Free Weekly Staff Around the world, and right here in our own backyard, print media is reinventing itself — with the help of dedicated staff and community. These writers, photographers,


Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

By Terrah Baker What do you think when you hear the word “thrive?” Or put in the context of humans “thriving,” what would that look like? Historically, this measurement

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Book Forum Discusses Inconsistencies With Endless Growth, Carbon Energy

By Lolly Tindol Special Contribution Where does the seemingly limitless energy that fuels modern society really come from — and is that perception of limitlessness delusional? It’s time to remake


Local Band’s Music Echos Through National Hard Rock Scene

By Terrah Baker When you hear the music of RedEcho, you’ll recognize the hard rock sounds. The difference can be heard once you actually start listening. Lead singer Corey Carter

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The Rat Of The Litter

By Amy Alkon For two months, I’ve been dating an awesome guy. He does sweet things like leaving cute notes on my windshield, but I worry about how he


Win Tickets To Waka Winter Classic

  Staff Report The Waka Winter Classic Competition will be making a stop Jan. 16 in Fayetteville at George’s Majestic Lounge. The eighth annual competition is traveling through 16 cities