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Making Ripples

Solar Schools

  By Amanda Bancroft The National Resources Defense Council announced last month that their first-ever crowd funding campaign is successfully kicking off their new initiative, called Solar Schools: Powering Classrooms,


Saturn Is The Reason

“…And in some instances, Saturnalia was kicked off with a human sacrifice. See? We’re bringing it full circle…Yes, we could be more civilized than the ancient Romans and realize that

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Legislative Audit Committee to discuss UA file shredding

By The Academic Daylight (Courtesy of Another chapter in the saga of the University of Arkansas Advancement Division troubles will be written next Friday, Dec. 13. It will be

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How To Have a “Greener” Holiday Season

Contribution By EarthTalk While the holidays are festive and fun, they can take a toll on the environment. All that shopping, decoration, food preparation and travel adds up to more

Cover Story

Arkansas Films Reveal Southern Truths With Quality Work

By Terrah Baker Heard of a movie called Mud (2012)? Well, how about leading actor in the film Matthew McConaughey? Now that we’ve caught your attention, did you know that


Your Democracy Has Corporate Cancer. Do Something.

“Man is in his Spectre’s power Until the arrival of that hour, When his Humanity awake, And cast his Spectre into the Lake. — William Blake Special Contribution By Abel

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Countering the Darkness With Festivals of Light

  It’s a busy upcoming week of feast days, rituals and festivals. Rituals (of goodness, gratitude and giving) counter the season’s darkness, framing it in light. Each day of Christian

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Trans Pacific Partnership Secret Talks Continue

  After Four Years of Secret Meetings, the U.S. Still Pushing For Corporate Rights Around the World By Terrah Baker It’s been four years since secret talks of a Trans