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Making Ripples

80,000 Hours to Give Well

By Amanda Bancroft There’s a hot new movement of ripple-makers calling themselves “effective altruists” and gaining attention from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, TED, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington


Henry & Friends Tell Musical Stories Through Folk Sound

By Terrah Baker When you listen to John Henry and Friends, you listen to a story. The mood is set by the folksy sounds of Henry’s voice and twangy string


Magic in Every Word

In Britain she’s known as ‘the Grandmother of Fantasy’ and ‘Queen of the Fantastical’ in America. She met Beatrix Potter and Arthur Ransome as a child, and took classes from

Advice Risa's Astrology

Things That Sparkle, Resemble Stars and Planets, etc.

Saturday, Dec. 21 after the Sun enters Capricorn and Winter Solstice begins, Venus (love, finances, beauty, resources and gifts) retrogrades (29 degrees Capricorn). For those still considering gifts for Christmas


U.S. Grown, Produced Spirits For Holiday Season

By Terrah Baker Following the fleeing of factory and production jobs overseas in past years, many people are looking for a way to support American infrastructure, especially during the holiday

Advice Advice Goddess

Licking For Love

By Amy Alkon I went on a first date to a Japanese restaurant. My date kept licking his fingers clean. All his fingers. One by one. He’s otherwise a truly


Plaid Jackets Are No Joke, But Funny

It seems like Fayetteville-based The Plaid Jackets have a history of falling into things. Falling into being a two-man band, playing funny, yet fine-tuned, fast-paced music and gathering a huge


Merry Atheistmas

“The atheist Christmas, or as we like to call it Atheistmas, starts on Dec. 21 and culminates on the 25th.” By Rachel Birdsell There are people who wonder why I,

Cover Story

Last Night Fayetteville Lives Up To National Recognition

By Terrah Baker After two years of bringing in thousands of participants and being named one of’s “Top 10 most unique New Year’s Eve Celebrations,” Last Night Fayetteville has