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A Farm Meant To Teach

  In 2014, Apple Seeds Inc. is looking to expand to reach the greater NWA community by developing the Apple Seeds Teaching Farm in the Heart of Fayetteville. Apple Seeds


Last Night Fayetteville Launches Volunteer, Community Giving Program

By Terrah Baker Last Night Fayetteville is partnering with local organization Spare Time in an effort to gain volunteers and give back to the community. The initiative is called the

Cover Story

Take Gift Giving To A New Level. Here's The Guide!

By Terrah Baker Since the “buy local” movement has taken off across the country in the last few years, we’ve all heard the anecdotes on why it’s important. We also


Marca Returns, Ready to Have Some Fun

By Terrah Baker I used to think the onslaught of local and national bands was a curse to a small group just starting out trying to make their big break.


Tis the Season For Good Reading

Baby, it’s cold outside. So why not stay in with a cup of holiday cheer and curl up with a good book? If you enjoy a bit of early holiday

Making Ripples

Northwest Arkansas Eco Villages

Are there eco villages or sustainable communities (rural or urban) in the Northwest Arkansas area?

Advice Risa's Astrology

Ocean & Sea Creatures Alerting Humanity

  Sagittarius is the sign of “seeing the goal/task, reaching the goal, and recognizing the next goal” – until all goals for the good of humanity are reached. Sag, Knights

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North Dakota Oil Spill Raises Alarm Over Keystone XL

If XL Approved, Oil and Bitumen Spills Inevitable.Staff Report A September oil spill that leaked 865,000 gallons of oil (at least 20,600 barrels) across seven acres of Steven Jensen’s farm

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Idle Class Mag Proves Print Is Alive, Evolving

By Terrah Baker Have you heard the news? Print journalism is dying. Or at least that’s according to numerous naysayers and skeptics found online — coincidence? Maybe. But one local