Marca Returns, Ready to Have Some Fun

Marca Returns, Ready to Have Some Fun
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Members of Marca include Eduardo Chew (drums), Layne Twist (vocals/bass), Robin Vargas(guitar/vocals), and Max Sallings (guitar/vocals)

By Terrah Baker

I used to think the onslaught of local and national bands was a curse to a small group just starting out trying to make their big break. Nowadays it seems like a blessing, as many bands have taken it as an opportunity to focus on personal fulfillment instead of household fame, and showing their crowds a good, old-fashioned-live-music time.

After an almost 3-year hiatus, Fayetteville-based band Marca is one such group. When their band started in 2005, they took their music careers seriously. They played many live shows in Northwest Arkansas, even did some traveling, and put out an EP on iTunes before 2010.

But soon they were burnt out, and professional and educational life was calling. After one of the guitarists moved out of state for graduate school, the other members decided it was time for a much needed break.

Today, enter in new guitarist and former member of Boom Kinetic! Robin Vargas, some scheduled shows and a light-hearted, no-pressure attitude and you have the newly revived Marca. They’re still playing their old songs, for fans that have been waiting for their return, along with some covers and are planning to write some new material. However, Vargas said, the great thing about this time around is they’re in it for the experience.

“This used to be a very serious band and we like how there are no expectations this time. Just getting up and giving it our all, and sharing that experience with the audience,” Vargas said.

Drummer Eduardo, who was in the band when it first began, said the timing to get back together was just right, and Vargas was already familiar with their songs from filling in as a practice guitarist a few years back.

The band describes themselves as Indie Rock with an energetic rhythm and melodic tone. They stay true to this because they want to create their own sound, but still “be pleasing to the ear.” Vargas said their crowds “are hard to define,” but when they played live shows from 2005 – 2010 they ended up many times at small Indie venues with people as energetic as the music.

Their first show since their return will be this Friday, Dec. 6, in Ft. Smith. Their next show will be Dec. 17 at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, where they’ll open for a band called Such Gold — a punk/melodic hardcore band from New York. Check out Marca and keep up with their upcoming shows/projects by visiting, or

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