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Underdog Poo

By Rachel Birdsell The article I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Making a Molehill Out of Man Mountain, has ruffled some feathers. In fact, the feathers became so disheveled,

Making Ripples

Earthbag Building in Humid Climates

By Amanda Bancroft If only houses could wear antiperspirant. But since they can’t, there is a tendency in earthbag homes built in humid climates for moisture issues. The Ozarks is

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Local Artist to Open 66th Ozark Folk Festival

Staff Report After winning the 2012 singer songwriter contest in Eureka Springs’ at last year’s festival, The Josh Jennings Band has the opening slot on the main stage in Basin


Former Seinfeld Writer Brings Comedic Salute To NWA

Staff Report Every season, the Walton Arts Center has a few shows that outshine, comedically, the rest. This year, that show stars former Seinfeld writer and one of Showtime’s “five

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Popular, Rescued Bear Touches Grass For First Time

Since 1992, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) in Eureka Springs has been one of the most popular attractions in Northwest Arkansas. Established as a non-profit, they house some of the

Advice Advice Goddess

Tease For Two

“It’s long been believed that we each have one consistent “self,” with stable preferences, leading us to make consistent choices from situation to situation. That actually isn’t the case.” By


Olympian Brings Self-Made Talent To Fayetteville

Ashley Eriksson, LAKE lead singer and TV collaborator

Legacy Archive

Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde

Friday is the Libra solar festival (full moon) lunar eclipse – something in form has reached the end of its purpose. It disappears. Eventually something newer, more appropriate appears. However

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Voices Of Eureka Spring’s Silent City

The Eureka Springs city cemetery is getting ready for the all new, fifth annual Voices from Eureka’s Silent City — living history tours on Friday and Saturday evenings, Oct. 18


Last Saturday Puts Variety Back In Variety Show

  By Terrah Baker The Last Saturday of the month is no longer just another day in the weekend, thanks to the collaboration of local artists, performers and a great