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Chords Like Color, Woven As Stories

By Robert Laurence Crow Johnson Evans had quite a musical career. She was part of the early folk scene in Houston. She sang in Europe when the Beatles and the


Sex Is Not A Sin: Erotic Art Exhibition

Staff Report Sex is imperative to human existence and enables humans to receive and give pleasure. Despite this, most of us were raised by puritanical parents who drilled into our

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What Will It Take To Turn Fayetteville Into A Sustainable Food City By 2030?

A Research Team From The UofA Show How, And Why It’s Important By Terrah Baker There’s a lot of talk about food security these days. With new research showing even


Shale Gas Financial Game Exposed

  Financial Analyst Educates On How The Industry Fooled Investors By Terrah Baker When you want to understand an industry as large as that of shale gas, it’s important to

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Growing Healthier: Farm To School Food Program Takes Shape

By Quinn Montana People today are much more conscious of the need for planning for food security. It’s a crazy world. Will our children have the skills and knowledge they


Southern Pride

By Rachel Birdsell I’ve recently sold what little bit of soul I had left and joined Instagram. I’d resisted for awhile because I thought I was too old for it

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The State Of Our Drinking Water

By Terrah Baker The Beaver Lake Watershed Symposium held Sept. 27 at the Carroll Electric building in Huntsville was designed to teach about the water quality of Beaver Lake, the

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Ahimsa — Doing No Harm

With Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, we are in a time of renewal, tending to matters of the past that, eventually, must be left behind. It’s a time of rest and

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Golden Pond Scum

By Amy Alkon I went to meet my girlfriend’s 90-year-old father. They have a conflicted relationship. He doesn’t “agree” with his daughter’s homosexuality, generally looks down on women, and believes


Fayetteville Places First In Compassion

Staff Report Fayetteville didn’t just take part in the 2013 Compassion Games that were held Sept. 11 – 21; participants exceeded expectations and won first place over large cities like