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Making Ripples

Earthbag Building: Foundations

By Amanda Bancroft Here at Ripples, we just received our first delivery of empty earthbags! We thank Green Acre Eco Village and Saddle Boch Brewery for graciously providing the bags.

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Finding Importance Of Design In Practical Life

Staff Report Sonia Davis Gutierrez recalls her earliest memory of design, a sensory epiphany that occurred when she was 3 years old: “We were at a state park in San

Commentary Features In The News

U.S. Policy Breads New Generation of Threats To National Security

Some Relevant Numbers: 12 years in Afghanistan, 10 years in Iraq 100’s of American bases in the Middle East 5 mega-bases expected to be left after drawdown 50,000 U.S. contractors

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Urban Farm Builds Community Food Web Model

By Terrah Baker It was about a year ago that Tri Cycle Farms held its First Annual Pesto Fest. Local pesto aficionados came together with their best recipes and joined


Festival Supports Film Makers And Industry In NWA

By Terrah Baker The film industry in Arkansas is blooming, said Offshoot Film Fest organizers. Professionals dedicated to the art of film making are working in Arkansas to create talent

Advice Risa's Astrology

Libra New Moon Festival – Let Choice Be Made!

It’s a rather unusual, possibly irrational and unexpected week, with things unforeseen, unanticipated and unpredicted occurring. We may experience a subtle nervousness and anxiety due to Uranus interacting with the


Making A Mole Hill Out of Man Mountain

By Rachel Birdsell Recently, I’ve seen an influx of online articles that are horribly demeaning to women. I’ve decided to not post the links, because I don’t want to give

Advice Advice Goddess

Office Despot

By Amy Alkon I just started a new job. My boss and I were having a meeting, and he started asking me about my personal life — whether I have

Cover Story

Be A Fan, Be Original, Pay Less

Written and Styled By Emily Smith Photos By Meredith Mashburn Model: Amanda McVay Homecoming season is upon us and nothing stresses a female Hog fan out more than planning the