Making A Mole Hill Out of Man Mountain

Making A Mole Hill Out of Man Mountain

By Rachel Birdsell

Recently, I’ve seen an influx of online articles that are horribly demeaning to women. I’ve decided to not post the links, because I don’t want to give the assbags more traffic to their sites. One article was a list of reasons why we shouldn’t send our daughters to college. The gist of the article was that our little angels should only dream of getting married and having lots of babies. I know as a mother I was severely disappointed watching my daughter graduate with a finance degree. I wept bitterly at the thought of her having a career instead of being a baby machine.

Another article I read was a list of ways to tell if a woman was a slut. It would appear that some women have something known as a “slut face” and it was one way to tell whether or not they’d put out on a first date. You know how you’ll know when a woman is going to put out? When she’s actually having sex with you. There was an entire list of things to look for to determine how the slut factor of a woman such as: tattoos, piercings other than the ears, weight, and other idiotic imaginings.

Why is it that if women have lots of sex, we’re automatically sluts, but when men sleep around, they’re studs and have conquered Man Mountain? Manliness oozes from their every pore, and even as we are choking from all the testosterone we still find a way to be in awe of their hairiness.

Actually, whenever I see a man being demeaning to women, whether it’s telling them that all they’re good for is cooking, cleaning and making babies, or that if a woman likes having lots of sex she’s a slut, I immediately think that the man is severely insecure. And while I may call them assbags, I actually feel sorry for them. Why do they demean women? Do they fear us? If we are educated women in control of our sexuality, are we terrifying? Is it some kind of weird penis envy thing even though one of us has one less penis than the other? Maybe they’re scared that we will rise up like Amazon warriors of old and bludgeon them in their sleep.

While I may not exactly understand why some men feel the need to bitterly demean women, I do know that the one thing that happens when they do is that we become stronger in our resolve to fight back. I don’t mean just women, either. I’m talking about men and women who think women should be educated and that it’s no one’s business how many men or other women she’s boinked, EVEN IF SHE BOINKS THEM ALL AT THE SAME TIME. If you are a man who feels the need to demean women, maybe you should ask yourself why. Then either change or forever be dubbed Sir Assbag of Man Mountain. It’s your call, stud.

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