Be A Fan, Be Original, Pay Less

Be A Fan, Be Original, Pay Less

Written and Styled By Emily Smith

Photos By Meredith Mashburn

Model: Amanda McVay

Homecoming season is upon us and nothing stresses a female Hog fan out more than planning the perfect game-day ensemble. Whether you will be tailgating like a madwoman, calling the Hogs from the 50 yard line, hitting Dickson with a hot date, or even working at the office, looking the part of the ultimate Razorback fan shouldn’t leave you to yet another t-shirt or sweatshirt and jeans combo. You don’t need to be a millionaire to look like your box seats are all the envy. Grab $20 and let’s get creative, Goodwill style!

Emily Smith is guest columnist for The Free Weekly, stylist, designer, vintage maven, do-it-yourselfer and all-around budget fashionista. She is the owner/ curator of the online vintage boutique, Emily’s Onemanband ( All of the outfits presented in this column were purchased for a total of $20 or less at a variety of local secondhand stores. Have questions? Contact

Fashion 1

#1 Red + White = Take Me Out to the Ballgame
TIP: Keep your little white jeans and wear them through fall!
Nothing says you are ready for all the down and dirty Homecoming action like a fitted, red ringer jacket and matching collared shirt. All the while, flats keep you mobile for excess fraternizing of the tailgate variety.

Fashion 2

#2 Clockwork Red
If you feel like getting noticed in the overflowing stands or otherwise, try wearing a bit of whimsy as your best accessory. The most efficient way to not get lost in a sea of sweatshirts is to draw attention to yourself with hat and bow tie. After all, Homecoming is a special occasion…why not bust out the black tie and red knee socks??

Fashion 4

#4 Monochromatic Red
This ‘red on red on red’ look is perfect for working all day then meeting friends for a post-game cocktail!
TIP: Head to toe rojo is less intense when multiple shades are worn simultaneously. Mixing in shades of burgundy, wine, cherry, and oxblood is easy, cohesive, and crisp.

Fashion 6

#8 Red Hot Date Night
If you have dinner plans, are hosting guests, or attending a social gathering where elbows are sure to be rubbed, step it up a notch with a red, floral dress and matching car coat.
TIP: Take your spring and summer dresses into fall by anchoring them with heavy jackets, chunky boots, or tights. Layering truly does wonders for stretching seasonal pieces.

Fashion 11

#11 Too Cool for School
Need a better reason to wear a smoking hot, red leather pencil skirt? I didn’t think so. This look may not be appropriate for steep stadium seating, long lines, and even longer walks, but it’s perfect for hitting the town and painting it red after the Hogs pull yet another Homecoming victory!


Fashion 8







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