Former Seinfeld Writer Brings Comedic Salute To NWA

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Every season, the Walton Arts Center has a few shows that outshine, comedically, the rest. This year, that show stars former Seinfeld writer and one of Showtime’s “five funniest people in America,” and brings a slice of Americana humor to Northwest Arkansas.

A salute to the Baby Boomer Generation, The Wonder Bread Years starring Pat Hazell, is a fast-paced, hilarious production that walks the line between stand-up and theater. Hazell, returning to NWA for the first time since the 2006 Broadway sleeper-hit Bunk Bed Brothers, reprises his role in this fresh and funny slice of Americana. Audiences across the country are raving that the show not only restores a much-needed sense of wonder, but leaves them laughing and savoring the past like never before.

Along with being delcared one of the five funniest people in America by Showtime, Hazel’s 25 years of experience as a writer, performer and producer make him a veteran in entertainment. Hazell teamed up with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld on numerous, groundbreaking episodes of NBC’s “Seinfeld.” Most notably, he worked as lead writer for famous episodes “The Pilot” and “The Heart Attack,” and served as special consultant on episodes like “Male Unbonding,” “The Robbery” and “The Stakeout.” Hazell is also a “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” veteran, a critically

acclaimed playwright and a contributing commentator to National Public Radio. He is recognized for his genuinely funny Americana humor and his salute to pop culture.

Wonder Bread Years

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The Wonder Bread Years is part of the Coca-Cola Night Out Series with media support provided by KNWA. For tickets, call the box office at 479.443.5600 or visit For more information about The Wonder Bread Years, visit

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