Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde

Friday is the Libra solar festival (full moon) lunar eclipse – something in form has reached the end of its purpose. It disappears. Eventually something newer, more appropriate appears. However we still must choose. Will we return to the past or focus on creating the future? Thus we understand Libra keynote “I chose the Way that leads between two great lines of force.”

Monday, early morning, Mercury turns stationary retrograde, 18 degrees Scorpio (retro until November 10th at 2 degrees Scorpio). We know the Mercury retro facts. In Mercury retro we all become internalized Virgos. Research is best. Our minds, filled to the brim with information (gathered since the last Mercury retro) must now integrate, process, organize (Virgo tasks) and eliminate. We remember — no large purchases (cars, homes, appliances, etc.); no expectations for clear understanding; all drivers have blinders on; information is lost; communication garbled; misunderstandings common; everyone’s focused internally unable to comprehend external life easily. These are not dreadful things. Mercury retro simply means “business as usual” isn’t “usual,” everyone internal as the planet of communication and interaction rests for three or more weeks. With this information we’re now all prepared.

Tuesday night the Sun quietly slips out of Libra and enters Scorpio, sign of mysteries, dark waters and the Nine Tests. Scorpio was really created so we could have Halloween.

ARIES: The focus during this retro is your finances and resources you have in common with others, especially those close to you. With the world economic system in its present state, rearranging finances and resources is most important. Have cash on hand (more than usual), gas in the car(s), extra supplies should something occur. Hidden here, there and everywhere you have forgotten resources. Rediscover them. They will be useful.

TAURUS: Allow those close to you to have a voice. Don’t expect them to communicate much unless they’re born with Mercury retro. Don’t assume you are understood or even heard. Take nothing for granted and allow everything in your life, including communication, to slow down. There may be someone you need to care for as you are their main trusted support. But tend first to you health each day. Each day sit in the Sun bare feet on the Earth.

GEMINI: Whatever your daily schedule and routines, know they will not continue in the coming weeks. Everything will be upside down, inside out, you become a Virgo (you’ve been here before), and everything expected to move forward will actually back up. This is a time of creative thinking, revelations, assessing and contemplating your life’s endeavors. Things change again in three weeks. Most importantly, have fun with Mercury’s retrograde.

CANCER: New realities have begun in your life. You will create a new daily pattern of events, new ways of tending to yourself. This should be a rather enlightening time. You’ve never been here before. Something has occurred that has changed your life. All previous beliefs & opinions change. You find you need to consider alternative ways of living. Had you remained where you were before, you would be experiencing confusion and inconvenience. The new patterns make you happier. You’re grateful.

LEO: You wonder if decisions made in the past months have been correct. You reconsider choices made which set you upon a certain course of action. You think about what values and people led you to where you are now, what beliefs, what conflicts and insights created the stability (or instability) you feel now. You evaluate the foundations of your life, childhood to the present. You see that, actually, everything is on track. Everything is good.

VIRGO: Your mind will be a’ swirl with ideas, viewpoints, opinions and outlooks, many things considered before. Now you assess which to integrate or eliminate. When Mercury retros begin our mind is filled with excess thoughts and ideas. The retro gives us time to order and organize our thinking. Virgos are at home with Mercury retro tasks. As everyone becomes a Virgo now, during this retro you actually become a Gemini. An interesting Mercury switch!

LIBRA: A friend of mine who leads counseling programs tells his groups “Always do the right thing.” Good advice. But sometimes we don’t know what the right thing is. Especially Libras, Geminis and Pisces – dual signs who perceive both sides as right. In Libra we’re advised to call in the Will-to-Good each morning, which creates Right Choice (the “right thing”). You will be confronted with choices concerning finances and resources. You will choose the right course of action.

SCORPIO: The next three weeks you interact with your environments differently. Perhaps you will choose to see no one for a while, finding that nature is the only setting where you feel safe, comfort and secure. Perhaps you realize each day your best companion is the Sun, allowing its photons to penetrate your body’s cells, stimulating and refining your vitality and life principle. In fact this is actually what you might consider doing.

SAGITTARIUS: You might find yourself waiting for something to occur, to appear, to surface, to make itself known. You may be experiencing a quote attributed to astronomer scientist Carl Sagan that, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” Sagan was always scanning the heavens for extraterrestrial life, wondering if we were alone in the cosmos. Perhaps you ask this question, too. A serious question of profound importance. Only great minds ask.

CAPRICORN: In the coming weeks you discover those you can trust, your true friends, who supports you and who cannot. There may be lots of expectations. Remember, reminding everyone, during retrogrades expectations meet with failure. Because everyone’s internalized, confused, unable to be fully and outwardly coherent. However, those who matter to you (and you to them) remain available, reliable, listening and loving – your partners this lifetime, able to see you clearly through the foggy retrograde mists.

AQUARIUS: Things from the past resurface. You thought they were over. But, here they are again. Maintain a professional image, demeanor, attitude and position. Step carefully, seeking a new path ahead. Keep focused on the larger reality – your gifts of value and service to humanity. Every small act of serving others is your unique contribution to the world in need. Your life is a tapestry. Keep weaving it with brighter and brighter threads.

PISCES: Tend to small daily details. Allow nothing to hurry or sidetrack you. The many places you’ve visited or perhaps the places you haven’t yet visited but want to come into your minds. You remember previous goals and visions. They reappear for revisioning, reassessing and refining practicalities. You magnetize the Financial Seed Group to assist in bringing these visions into form and matter. You have all the time in the world. And lifetimes to come.

— Risa D’Angeles, founder & director… Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute -a contemporary Wisdom School studying the Ageless Wisdom teachings. The foundation of the Teachings is Astrology.

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