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Del Shreve Finds Personality in 'The Diamond'

By Terrah Baker If walking through the Fayetteville Farmers’ Market or biking down the hills of Mount Sequoyah on a bright and warm spring morning had a soundtrack, then Benjamin

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Bouffants and Beehives: Hair and Makeup as an Art Form

As fashion director for Artamiss and emerging designer chairperson for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week (NWAFW), I was excited to invite Ali Williams with Boufants and Beehives to show under Artamiss


Underground Becomes Art Anchor

By Terrah Baker The Fayetteville Underground has experienced changes in the past year that have gained them a lot of attention. From a new location to maintaining their first paid


Movies In The Obscure

By Christopher Lawrence A bullet drifts from the barrel of Jackie Cogan’s (Brad Pitt) gun, ever-so-slowly puncturing the window of a neighboring car and sending glass shards dancing in midair


Local and handcrafted holiday shopping guide

By Stephanie Conway Fayetteville has many talented artists and a thriving art scene which is embraced by the community. Fayetteville also has unique local businesses that offer a variety of

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The Happiest Place on Girth

By Amy Alkon I started taking medication that makes me fat — about 80 pounds overweight, which is a lot on a 5’7” female frame. Cutting calories and exercising will


Making Ripples

Adventures Against Take-Out Containers By Amanda Bancroft It was a cold winter day, and the smell of coffee drew me inside the café area. Past the bookshelves, the greeting cards,

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Gifts: Giving & Giving & Giving Some More

Esoteric Astrology as news for the week December 6-12, 2012 We’re in the season of gifting, a holiday ritual that, for some, brings terror (What do I give? Who am


Original Still on the Hill Reunite!

“The creativity and originality of these two blows through the stale air of singer-songwriters like a gale of genius.” — Rich Warren, Sing Out! magazine The original four-piece Still on