Bouffants and Beehives: Hair and Makeup as an Art Form

Bouffants and Beehives: Hair and Makeup as an Art Form

As fashion director for Artamiss and emerging designer chairperson for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week (NWAFW), I was excited to invite Ali Williams with Boufants and Beehives to show under Artamiss — the local nonprofit supporting local artists of all kinds — for fashion week 2013, because she is so passionate and detailed about her hair and makeup design and styling. Ali comes from a long history of Artists, and I’m pleased to feature her own personal art. Her blog features amazing tips on how to pull off fun and fanciful hair, makeup and costume designs. Check it out at I asked Ali a few questions to get an idea of where she gets her artistic inspiration.

— Melissa Arens, Mayapple Salon and Boutique

Q: What influences you as an artist/designer?
A: I’m influenced by everything. I can get an idea from a song, movie, other art and even food. But my passion is all things vintage. I am infatuated with the Hollywood golden era. The women were so glamorous and hair was much more of an art form. My passion for vintage beauty led me to create my own blog. This is where I share my creations with the world along with beauty tips and other resources.

Q: What sets you apart as an artist/designer?
A: I think what sets me apart as a designer is my playfulness. I try to interject humor into everything I do. I love bright colors and using alternative materials. This can be seen in my NWA Fashion week segment in March, which will be based on the seven deadly sins with a burlesque twist.

Photographs By Brad Williams, Red Rooster Design

Buffie Merryman is pictured in a bouffant hairstyle. She is wearing metallic eyeliner and aqua cream eyeshadow, her blue lips are temporary lip tattoos.

Jessica Gray is pictured in a classic bumper bang with victory rolls. She is wearing hot pink eyeshadow and blush and red lip gloss.

Ali Williams is pictured with a more avant-garde hair style, a swirled bang with buns made of cotton candy. She is wearing hot pink, blue and purple eyeshadow and hot pink blush with sprinkles on her lips.


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