Grants to Maintain Structural Heritage

Grants to Maintain Structural Heritage

Historical Skillern House at 3470 E. Skillern Rd. in Fayetteville: This land was sold to John Audley Anderson Skillem fur $1600 on Dec. 1, 1857. Around the early 1900s, Audley decided that his family needed a new and big house, so in 1904-1905 he built the Skillern Farmhouse. From a sawmill near Goshen, he hauled green oak lumber for the framing, using sturdy wagons and strong mules to haul the heavy lumber up Slaughter Mountain.

Staff Report

Heritage Month 2013 will be dedicated to discovering and saving Arkansas’ historic structures. Organizations all across the state have been invited to start planning Heritage Month projects and events that support the theme “Saving our Heritage: Arkansas’ Historic Structures.” Applications for grants will be accepted through Dec. 17.

“All communities, even the smallest ones, usually have a structure that played an important part in that town’s history,” said Cathie Matthews, director of the Department of Arkansas Heritage. “It might be as majestic as a courthouse or bridge or as humble as a log cabin, but it is important in illustrating what makes that community unique.

“We want to applaud those citizens who work to save those structures and even find new uses for them,” Matthews continued. “Towns that thrive are the ones that celebrate their past and save it for their children and grandchildren.”

Arkansans are encouraged to plan Heritage Month activities that explore the important historic buildings or districts that enhance the texture of their communities.

Grants are available from the Department of Arkansas Heritage to help communities develop local events and projects for Heritage Month in May 2013. The grants are designed to help foster awareness and enjoyment of Arkansas heritage and to assist non-profit and community groups in planning and implementing meaningful Arkansas Heritage Month projects.

The application packet is available at Guidelines and application forms are also available from the Heritage Month Grant Coordinator, DAH, 323 Center Street, Suite 1500, Little Rock, 72201; fax (501) 324-9154 [TDD (501) 324-9811], or by emailing Applications must be received at the Department of Arkansas Heritage by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 17.

The Department of Arkansas Heritage sponsors Arkansas Heritage Month each year in May to celebrate a particular aspect of our state’s history and culture. Past Heritage Month activities have included art shows, poetry readings, nature walks, research projects and festivals that supported that year’s theme. During Arkansas Heritage Month 2013, residents are invited to join with others around the state in presenting the heritage message in new ways and through new venues.

Since 1975, the Department of Arkansas Heritage has been committed to the discovery, preservation and presentation of our state’s natural and cultural heritage. The department accomplishes its goals through the work of seven agencies: Arkansas Arts Council, Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, Delta Cultural Center in Helena, Historic Arkansas Museum, Mosaic Templars Cultural Center and Old State House Museum.

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