Uranus Square Pluto, Humanity Rising, The Revolution That Transforms

This Sunday (overshadowing our future) Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (transformation) join together.

They will create the same revolutionary demand for freedom as they did in the 1960s.

Then, Uranus joined Pluto in Virgo and a new awareness of freedom appeared within humanity.

This week Uranus joins (squares) Pluto again. Squares inform humanity new directions must be taken.

Our previous directions (ways of life) are no longer available

The idea of freedom, appearing once again, will, this time irreversibly change our world.

The 1960’s revolution was only a preview. Uranus in Aries brings surprises, a people’s rebellion (Occupy Movement). It quickens Pluto (debt, death) in Capricorn’s breakdown of the social order. Something new (Aries) emerges releasing the powerful destructive/creative force of Pluto. We recapitulate the 1930s’ economic breakdown and the 1960s’ demands for liberation. We find ourselves “on the razor’s edge”. A new culture must begin. Humanity becomes the leader.

Sunday’s Uranus/Pluto’s transit is the first of seven (through 2014, a far-reaching, long-range cycle of change). Uranus/Pluto are concerned with humanity’s evolution and transformation, both are inevitable and necessary.

No more waiting. What is no longer useful will be destroyed. What is useful for the new age will remain.

The celestial energies will now only support the new (energies, laws & principles). This has great implication personally and globally. Loss of time and control are symptoms of the transformation. There’s no way out but through, together, within community. Here’s a good quote to remember from J.P. Morgan. “Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.”

Do you?

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