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Family Friendly

Worst Game Of The Year?

Ah, well. We were having such a good year for video games. It was bound to come to a crashing halt, wasn’t it? Previously, I told you “Duke Nukem” stinks. Now: “Shadows of the Damned.”


Fun For All Ages

After striking gold — in both box-office and artistic terms — with “Toy Story 3,” the wonderful folks at Pixar Animation continue their sequel streak with “Cars 2.” Alas, it’s no “Toy Story 3.” Really, what could be?


Reality Trumps Fiction

Oftentimes reality is much more fascinating than fiction. This is certainly the case with “The Horse Whisperer,” a sappy and melodramatic movie about a horse trainer with a compassionate and intuitive approach to his work.


'Bad Teacher' Just Not Very Good

It would be extremely easy for me to fire off a cute little ‘”Bad Teacher’ = Bad Movie” review and just call it a day. But I won’t. “Bad Teacher” doesn’t really classify as a full-on bad movie, it’s merely a not-very-good movie.


Live Music: June 23

Lil’ Hoojin, Nace Brothers Band, Basement Brew and more tonight in Fayetteville.


Wines with Barbecue

Barbecue fans know how good wine is with smoked meats!

8 Days a Week

8 Days: June 23

“VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER” — 5:30 p.m., Fayetteville Public Library. 856-7000 or


'Zombie Go Boom'

It’s a dash of “Mythbusters” and a dabble of “Deadliest Warrior,” but it’s whole lot of fun and adrenaline for fans of the undead hordes … well, fans of bashing their rotting brains in.

Advice Advice Goddess

The Princess And The Pee

I spend most of my time watching him play video games and drink beer until he’s ready for sex or passes out. He’s also developed the nasty habit of peeing into bottles and leaving them around until they’re full.


In Hash Brown Heaven

I ordered the large Traditional Breakfast which is three eggs, your choice of two meats, hash browns and toast.