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Art of Wine …

It’s easy to get excited about sampling an endless supply of great wine, that is, until you’ve had so much that you can’t tell red from white.


The Best Of NWA

Without much more ado, here’s the Finest & Funkiest 2011 edition. You’re encouraged to either hum or actually listen on YouTube to Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best Around” from the original “The Karate Kid” movie.


The Oxygen Edge

With the high price of gas, travel isn’t cheap, and Oxygen is hoping to raise $3,000 to cover the cost of heading west. She’ll perform June 16 at 8 p.m. at Ultra Studios in Fayetteville to help put some money in the coffers.

Family Friendly

Free Cat Friday

June 17 is Free Cat Friday at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter.


Happy Father’s Day

We saved this one for Father’s Day week because this genuine American lager reminds me of when I was little and my pop would send me to the fridge to get him a beer.


Summer Fun Ammunition

Summer has come, and kids are going to be looking for something fun to do. Have an ammo list of cheap excursions ready.


Thick, Juicy, Messy

I have been reticent about reviewing Hugo’s because it’s Hugo’s. I mean, everyone already knows that it’s “The Place” to get a burger in NWA, right?

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscope: June 16-22

Tuesday is Summer solstice (or Midsummer-June 21-24), Sun at the Tropic of Cancer. In Masonry and Christianity, it’s St. John the Baptist Day.


Dad Disapproves Of Dating A Mexi

Dad lectures me about me not worrying “about my future” and that I’m “losing it over a beaner,” makes a scene many times when I’m going out with Ignacio and calls my cellphone often to “check out what I’m doing.”

Advice Advice Goddess

Meek And Potatoes

My co-worker was really hung up on a guy. She was convinced he liked her, and she did all the flirty things you advise, but he never made a move.