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The New Thai Kid In Town

Twin Kitchen is a Thai restaurant that opened in the building that once housed Greenhouse Grille. I think once people hear about this place, it will need to move to a bigger building.


Playing “What If?” With The American Southwest

Just suppose that all of the southwestern United States had remained in Mexican hands. Would the Mexicans have done any better with it than they have with the present confines of Mexico?


Everybody Wants To Join The Club

Bill Graber from Ohio wants to be a lesbian. Tom MacMaster of Edinburgh Scotland wants to be a lesbian. Both of these fine upstanding literary blogispherical men were recently “outed” for being HETEROSEXUAL men.


Goose Island’s Innocuous Beer

Goose Island Honker’s Ale is brewed by Goose Island Beer Co. in Chicago. This brewery is one of the latest acquisitions of the Belgian beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev.

Advice Advice Goddess

The Shopping Cart Before The Horse

It’s a really bad idea for a guy to give flowers to a girl he’s just meeting, unless she’s just won the Kentucky Derby. In that case, he could also slip her a carrot and slap her on the rump.


States Of The Union

Same-sex marriage is now permitted in six states with New York passing the Marriage Equality Act by a vote of 33-29 on June 24.


Cool Off With Hot Summer Jazz

The 13th season of the KUAF Summer Jazz Concert Series kicks off at the Walton Arts Center on July 16.


Desserts and Dessert Wines

What’s more American than apple pie? Maybe something is, but to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, let’s talk about the perfect wine pairings for apple pies, apple tarts, chocolate desserts and more.


Big Robots Doing Stuff

I like to think the “Transformers” trilogy exists for the sole purpose of landing the underappreciated Turturro a huge payday. In a strange way helps me sleep a little better at night.


'ZGB" Extra With Jim Goza

Need more “Zombie Go Boom” action? Here’s a supplemental Q&A with “ZGB” host Jim Goza to go with the feature on undead butt kickin’