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Bruce and Bugsy

Fayetteville lost a longtime friend on March 7 when Flying Possum Leather owner Bruce Walker tragically lost his life in a fire. By his side to the end was his faithful dog, Bugsy.

In The News

Standing Up For Syria

In Syria, for every 153 people in the country, one person works as a national security agent. If you say something that could be construed as anti-government, you could be tortured, jailed and even killed.


Tangiers ‘Curries’ Favor

The kebab plate came with two skewers full of chicken on a bed of Basmati rice with raisins, along with tzatziki sauce, a side of hummus and a small tomato and cucumber salad. The kebabs were out-of-this-world good.


It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Beer

Wee Heavy is a Scottish ale traditionally brewed with the sweetest of the runnings from the mash tun.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Horoscope: June 9-15

The Gemini Solar Festival of Goodwill & World Invocation Day occurs Wednesday at 1:14 pm (Pacific time) at 24 degrees Gemini.

Commentary In The News

From Wet To Dry

Although the flood season is nearly over, you can still prepare for summer drought with water preservation. Rain barrels are available for purchase through Seven Hills Homeless Center.


Legalize Drugs, People For Security

Your question assumes there’s a need to secure borders, when really we just need to legalize drugs and people, and our “problem” vanishes; after that, we can concentrate on preventing actual threats from entering this country.

Advice Advice Goddess

Sane-Sex Attraction

I’m an African-American gay woman in my mid-20s. I initially had relationships with men, but I’m just not attracted to them. Women make me feel alive, exhilarated, connected, and challenged, and sex is the bomb.