'ZGB" Extra With Jim Goza

Q&A With The Host
Of “Zombie Go Boom”

By Richard Davis

Need more “Zombie Go Boom” action? Here’s a supplemental Q&A with “ZGB” host Jim Goza to go with the feature on the local undead butt kickin’ show.

Jim Goza

TFW: What do you do besides “Zombie Go Boom”? Student, work, hobbies?
Jim: I am a theatre major at the UA, in my senior year of schooling. Also, I am the lead guitarist for the local and awesome band The Poggs (the extra “g” is for “gangsta”). Following suit, I also play solo gigs around town, acoustically.

TFW: How did you get involved in “ZGB”?
Jim: Chuck Mere, a longtime friend of mine, approached me with a concept still in its infancy but well-fleshed, nonetheless. Needless to say, I leapt at the chance to get to HOST a show about killing ZOMBIES. I remember shouting “Are you kidding?! Hell yes I will!!” or something to that effect into the receiver.

TFW: Do you picture a person’s face when bashing fake blood-filled coconuts? If so, whose and why?
Jim: What a question! Of all the rotten (yet still living) politicians and awful “musicians” and terrible “actors” and bad people in this world, I still wouldn’t cause them any harm unless they were lurching at me with the stink of the freshly-deceased about them. I tend to pull a nightmarish creature from my childhood psyche and equate that to the jiggly gel and cranial coconuts.

TFW: How long do you think you’d last in a zombie apocalypse? Would your “ZGB” experience give you an edge?
Jim: Well, the old adage rings true that you’re only as good as the team you’re on, and they’re only as good as their weakest member, which is why I’ve teamed up with He-Man, Thor, Wolverine, The Joker and Dick Cheney. But seriously, me and the boys at “ZGB” know the survival guides well and spend a RIDICULOUS amount of time considering all the angles and testing the methods, so I think that we’re in pretty damn good shape when it comes to survival.

TFW: Who would you want fighting with you when the zombies come? Name a friend, someone locally known, a celebrity, a historical figure and fictional character.
Jim: Hmm … another great question among many. I’d have to say my bestie, Cole Saugey, who has trained in the Israeli combat system Krav Maga for about a year now, because that is truly a brutal, “mess with me and be ready to get broken and dead” kind of martial art.
Then, of course, fellow weapons expert and creative mind behind “Zombie Go Boom” Chuck Mere for his astounding knowledge of varying weapons and fighting styles and his nice and ever-expanding collection of the former.
Celebrity? That blonde German (Swedish?) chick from all of the YouTube workout videos. Not only can she kick ass, but the world will need repopulation …
My historical figure would have to be Charlton Heston for his extensive work with the NRA — cuz, hey, when the Zompocalypse strikes, the most important item aside from food and water is the hand cannon and plenty of ammo to fill it.
Lastly, Marcus Fenix. If you didn’t know, you didn’t mow (down Locusts and Lambents).

TFW: Has anyone ever called you Goza the Gozerian (see Ghostbusters)?
Jim: Haha! No … I’ve NEVER heard that one …

TFW: What’s the best/worst zombie movie/material you seen/read/witnessed?
Jim: I’m gonna have to stick with movie here because Peter Jackson’s “Dead Alive” is the movie that got me addicted to zombie culture. It’s the best, most campily gory, hilarious movie EVAAAR! Alls I can say is “lawn mower.” Again, if you don’t know, you didn’t mow.

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