'Zombie Go Boom'

Look Out, Undead!

Theses peeps are making ‘Zombie(s) Go Boom’

By Richard Davis
TFW Staff Writer

(Photo: Richard Davis) Chuck Mere, left, and James Sweet, creators of “Zombie Go Boom,” get some close ups of a zombie mask and a gardening tool. The prepared-for-the-undead-apocalypse guys test the effectiveness of makeshift weapons found around home against mock zombies.

It’s a dash of “Mythbusters” and a dabble of “Deadliest Warrior,” but it’s whole lot of fun and adrenaline for fans of the undead hordes … well, fans of bashing their rotting brains in and sending zed heads back to six feet under where they belong.

[Update: “Zombie Go Boom” has struck a deal with Howcast, a YouTube partner and distribution network with apps on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry phones]

“Zombie Go Boom” is a locally produced video series that seeks to answer a pressing question for the undead-minded: Just how effective would my baseball bat/tire iron/garden hoe/vinyl record collection be against a reanimated corpse? The series was created by James Sweet and Chuck Mere, who also serves as the “ZgB” weapons master, and is hosted by local actor Jim Goza, who impressed folks recently in the University of Arkansas production of “Othello.”

Sweet and Mere described the series as a zombie variety show — a little bit of anything and everything, mixing science and humor and exploring movie and literary lore — while “ZgB” makeup artist Mandy Gann applied a prosthetic scar to my forehead. Yeah, not only did I get to take a behind the scenes at the show a couple of Saturdays ago, I got to actually BE a zombie. Pretty much a dream come true for me … you know, to be one of the walking dead without actually being one of the walking dead.

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Gann somehow managed to make my deathly pale and nasty skin even paler and nastier before applying a heaping helping of dripping fake blood and dirt to my face and clothes. Then I got to sweatily chase Mere’s camera around outside “ZgB” central for the day — in other words, someone’s backyard. I was the lucky one. KNWA reporter Brad Reed, who also got in on the fun, not only received doses of makeup and fake blood, he got to swelter under the crew’s rubber mask in 90-plus degree temperatures with no shade. But, hey dude, that’s what you get for being too pretty to be a zombie without accouterments.


If all goes well, “Zombie Go Boom” may become a national phenomenon. While I was cleaning the fake gore off my face, Gann said Sweet and Mere had already spoken with Spike TV about turning the unscripted show into a regular series — though the network wanted to see more of what the crew could do before continuing talks.


In this case, words really only go so far. To take a real look at the fun of “Zombie Go Boom” and find out the most effective just-lying-around weapons, get ye on them Internets. Watch the footage of shambling monstrosities and Goza enjoying the hell out of himself taking baseball bats and more to fake blood-filled coconuts.

▲ www.youtube.com/zombiegoboomtv
▲ www.zombiehub.com/zombie-go-boom.html
▲ Go to Facebook.com and search for the Zombie Go Boom page

Zombie Quiz

Here’s a few questions for you on what you would do if zombies came to NWA and some suggested answers.

When the zombie apocalypse comes, where do you go first?
▲ The police station and get loaded up on guns and ammo.
▲ A sporting goods store get loaded up on bats and golf clubs.
▲ A grocery store and get loaded up on food.
▲ Brewski’s and get loaded.

You’re running from a zombie going uphill on Dickson Street. What’s going through your mind?
▲ All those hours of playing “Dance Dance Revolution” really got me in shape.
▲ Why did I spend so many hours playing first-person shooters?
▲ I just want one last look at Old Main before … Yeargh!!!
▲ Crap, I’m already past US Pizza. I should have stopped at Brewski’s.

Pick someone to have on your team to fight the undead.
▲ Golfer John Daly — he can drive the zombies, literally, 300 yards away
▲ Radio host Jon Williams — pretty sure he could make even zed heads laugh themselves to death
▲ Alice Walton — if zombies accept cash instead of brains, you’re in business
▲ The owner of Brewski’s because … Oh, enough with the Brewski’s cracks already!

Pick a place to hide from/battle the walking dead.
▲ Cosmopolitan Hotel — plenty of room and lots of sniper views
▲ Old Main — heavy doors and sniper spots with history
▲ Foghorn’s — if I’m going down, it’s going down loaded full o’ wings
▲ Razorback Stadium — a natural spot for Hog country to kick some ass

Name the thing you’ll miss most in the zombie apocalypse.
▲ Happy hour with live music at George’s Majestic Lounge
▲ Medium rare steaks at Doe’s
▲ Enjoying fall when the leaves turn without running for your life
▲ Hearing Chuck Barrett say “Touchdown Arkansas!”

Choose the best thing about the undead storm.
▲ NWA traffic congestion — solved!
▲ No more pay parking on Dickson Street
▲ No waiting to get in a Olive Garden
▲ No more stupid quizzes printed in newspapers

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