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Top Chefs & Rock Stars

Peace at Home fundraiser, Thursday, Nov. 11 from 7 to 10 p.m., East Square Plaza, Fayetteville

8 Days a Week

8 Days A Week

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Harvest Another Winner

Northern Hemisphere Harvest 2010 is a seasonal treat from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in Chico, Calif.


Big Screen Boredom

Reports are circulating that 20th Century Fox and Walden Media have purchased the rights to produce a live action version of Bil Keane’s “Family Circus” one-panel comic.


Students To Study The Science Of Food

The Arkansas Department of Career Education awarded Springdale and Lincoln high schools each a $15,000 planning grant to create a food processing lab that would give hands on experience in


Creme De Canna, Bananabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake

A shop in Santa Cruz, Calif., opened in September selling ice cream infused with extract of marijuana.


Dream Battle: Foray Into Words

Since the blood transfusions my dreams are suffused with brassy weirdness.


Please punctuate your rant correctly

Last week, it was the twin messages of “Beware Of God” on a single car that caught my eye, prompting a plea not to reduce your closely held beliefs to a simple bumper sticker.


Hog Watch

Sure, the Miners of the University of Texas-El Paso aren’t exactly a marquee match up. But the Hogs are on a roll, but after last week’s pasting of the South Carolina Gamecocks, it’s well past time to get serious about watching Coach Bobby Petrino QB Ryan Mallett and the Razorbacks do their thing.