Hog Watch

It’s game on for the last matches of the college season

By Richard Davis

TFW Staff Writer

Sure, the Miners of the University of Texas-El Paso aren’t exactly a marquee match up. But the Hogs are on a roll, but after last week’s pasting of the South Carolina Gamecocks, it’s well past time to get serious about watching Coach Bobby Petrino QB Ryan Mallett and the Razorbacks do their thing.
The only question is where, where are you going to watch the last three games of the regular season?
The UTEP game will air at 6 p.m. on ESPNU. Don’t have ESPNU? Don’t have cable or satellite. Don’t like sitting at home alone with a stale bag of cheese puffs and a rapidly warming diet soda? Not a problem.
Here are some suggestions on where to watch the Razorbacks play. Some are obvious. Some are a little more off the normal track. All offer some reason to visit.

On The Mark
2588 N. Gregg Ave.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of televisions paired with ample seating and a good selection of beer, liquor,  etc. make On the Mark an excellent place to watch. It’s a little off the beaten path, but that just means it’s often easier to get there and has ample parking.
Plus, if the game turns into a boring blowout, On the Mark has pool tables and games to keep you occupied. It can get a bit smokey inside, but if a lit cigar or Marlboro is your thing, you’ve found a good place to take a seat.


4143 N. Shiloh Drive

If you like boobs and butts, Hooter’s is a gimme. Sure they have a nice selection of beer and wings, sandwiches and things. But if you’re there, chances are you’re watching more than just the game. And against an opponent such as the Miners, well, there’s a good chance you’ll have plenty of oppportunity and reason to take your eyes off the screen.
The female form not really your thing? We keep expecting some enterprising person to start a competing franchise called ’Peckers featuring a bird named Woody as the mascot. Don’t worry, yours truly will not apply to be a server there.

Art's Place

Art’s Place
2530 N. College Ave.

Like On the Mark, Art’s Place may be a bit smokey indoors, but it offers baskets of peanuts, cold, cheap beer, lots of pool tables and tasty hamburgers. It’s also a place with a good sense of humor and the “worst service in town” as the bartender joked with me.
And again, if the game turns sour, if the Hogs are up by 102 at halftime or if you’re just not that into football, Art’s has several pool tables to entertain you. The only downside is the small number of TVs. Get there early and pick a prime spot.

Maxine's Tap Room

Maxine’s Tap Room
107 N. Block Ave.

OK, so maybe Maxine’s isn’t the TV Watching Capitol of the World, but it still resides in the Kingdom of Awesome Place to Get Cold Beer, so why not drop by and see if the game’s on?
If some of the other selections are too smokey for your taste, fear not, Maxine’s is now a nonsmoking establishment. Plus, this weekend, the Tap Room is featuring legendary Fayetteville musician Jed Clampit on Friday and Saturday. It’s a win-win!

Wonderous Wings

Foghorn’s — either location in Fayetteville
Buffalo Wild Wings — locations throughout the area

Bar Stars

Crown Pub — Dickson Street, Fayetteville
Brewski’s — ditto

Don’t see your favorite Hog hangout? Post your choices here.

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