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On The Trail For Tea

I’m not sure if the reason I didn’t know about it is because I’m extremely sheltered or if there just isn’t much advertising being done. If not, there needs to be. People need to know about this place.


Robbing And Raises

Dear Mexican: I’ve been hired to find out why some clothes are not being returned to patients at a nursing home in Newport Beach, Calif., even though these clothes are marked.

Advice Risa's Astrology

Honoring Those Who Have Safeguarded Freedom

Venus is now our Morning Star. In Libra and retrograde (till the 18th), Venus calls forth, from the depths of each of us, loving intelligence, justice, balance, equality and Right Relations, the first step toward Goodwill.

Advice Advice Goddess

It’s A Bootyfull Day In The Neighborhood

My male neighbor came over to have dinner with me and my kids. After I put the kids to bed, we started watching a movie and ended up in the bedroom.