Please punctuate your rant correctly

Last week, it was the twin messages of “Beware Of God” on a single car that caught my eye, prompting a plea not to reduce your closely held beliefs to a simple bumper sticker.
This week I want to ask for something simpler. Please take the time to punctuate your rant correctly.
I’m not saying that every word or sentence in the Freekly is spelled perfectly or has a comma correctly placed in every spot. Hell, some pages may not even make any sense. There’s lots o’ lots o’ lots a words in here. Chock full even. I’m sure there are English majors with pens salivating at the chance to make the pages run red in Vol. 18 No. 5 of the Free Weekly.
But when your whole message consists of five or six words, take some time and get it right.
This week I spotted an obviously homemade sticker, in very small type, that read “Abortion God Will Judge!”
Let that sink in a moment: “Abortion God Will Judge!”
Pro-life or pro-choice, that particular message as it reads should strike anyone as a little frightening. As written, the sentence implies you will be judged by an Abortion God, a vaguely threatening and perhaps terrifying possibility.
The actual intent, of course, is clear. The message should read “Abortion: God Will Judge!” A simple, single colon makes all the difference in the world.

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