Wesak Festival: Buddha Blesses The World

Risa’s Astrology
By Risa D’Angeles

Two celebrations, Earth Day today and Wesak on Wednesday, and one major transit, Saturn opposite Uranus, are the focus of this week’s astrology.

Often, planet Earth is not acknowledged in astrology charts. In esoteric astrology, Earth is placed opposite the Sun sign. The symbol for Earth is a cross within a circle. Earth is a planet developing Divine Intelligence and the activity of the Holy Spirit, which distributes the purpose of this solar system, the willingness to love. These are the esoteric reasons for Earth Day.

On Monday, Saturn opposes the planet of revolution. Saturn and Uranus are the rulers of Libra. Earth is presently experiencing a breakdown of past structures, so the new culture and civilization can be created. Simultaneously, the Aquarian Age is about to more fully manifest.

The sacred most important festival of the year occurs Wednesday. It’s Wesak, the Buddha Full moon, 8 degrees Taurus/Scorpio at 7:19 a.m.

During the Wesak festival, the Buddha enters the Earth plane from Shamballa carrying a blessing from our God, Sanat Kumara. In the past several weeks aspirants, disciples and Initiates around the world have traveled to and built a temporary community in the Wesak Valley in the Himalayas in order to participate in the Wesak festivities.

At the time of the Buddha Full moon, the Great Ones, with Christ at the center, perform sacred ceremonies (geometric movements, words and sounds) that invoke the Buddha’s presence. These create a chalice of receptivity for Buddha to distribute the blessings from Shamballa, the place where the will of God is known.

The New Group of World Servers everywhere place crystal bowls of pure water out under the night sky. The water absorbs the Buddha’s blessings. At the moment of the Full Moon, the words spoken are “We are ready Buddha. Come!” And the blessing is given. Everyone everywhere, join us with your crystal bowls of water and by reciting the Great Invocation. Read more about this at nightlightnews.com and on Facebook, Risa’s Esoteric Astrology. Ohm.

ARIES: Something’s exalted, there’s an abundance of physical and emotional energy, your moods swing into a rhythm following the stars. You seek to understand, then protect possessions, enhance values and you are tenacious, like a Taurus. Although fluctuating, financially you’re prosperous. You feel sentimental. Give things away.

TAURUS: Watching you these days we see activity, forcefulness, courage, leadership. You’re free, independent led by imagination and vision. Your feelings assert themselves everywhere. Enlightenment is your purpose. Nothing obstructs this, not even relationships. You pioneer new enterprises. You say you’ve found your path and need no one (or so it seems).

GEMINI: You move into a quiet place, becoming sensitive to the needs of others. At times you’re drawn into the mysterious or mystical through prayer, meditation or imagination. What are you reading these days? It’s best to stay behind the scenes, study things like forgiveness, apocatastasis taught by St. Gregory of Nyssa. The world this week is being sanctified. Where is your crystal bowl?

CANCER: Enlightenment this week and month comes through family, social groups, friendships, organizations and communities seeking to revolutionize society. You will ask what are the collective objectives and through this question define future needs, hopes and wishes. If they’re not practical, you will make them so. You can’t compromise your ideals. They illumine you.

LEO: You seek enlightenment through achievement in the world. Concerned with reputation, honor, recognition and fame, you learn how to influence others and be in authority. As you take on more responsibilities you understand how to lead with both power and love. When one is without the other, leadership is hollow. Every leader learns this through suffering.

VIRGO: Your high ideals seek justice, you attempt to take the blindfold off the eyes of Mother Justice, you aspire for more education, deeper consciousness leading to wisdom (the Buddha). You want to expand your mind through travel, religion or philosophical endeavors. You try to spread great ideas. Few see your spirit of adventure. Find a long stick and carve a sacred staff.

LIBRA: You look to others, seeing if and how they live their values. You contemplate aspects of death and regeneration, the phoenix-like qualities found in those with great courage. You seek a deeper level of intimacy. Some Librans enter into detective work diagnosing difficulties. You will engage in conflict for the purpose of creating greater harmony. Many won’t understand.

SCORPIO: Enlightenment comes through seeing partners, intimates and those close to you with new eyes; eyes not judgmental but unconditional with love and understanding. You will find harmony through cooperation, balance through diplomacy and peace through negotiation. This sounds like the United Nations, which is also Scorpio. The Great One is always knocking on the door of the United Nations. Who will open it?

SAGITTARIUS: You can enlighten and illumine others, just like the Buddha would, by being practical and neutral, by tending to necessities, both personal and professional by assisting and serving others which creates a holy order of things, by tending to details and being health conscious. All with a neutral attitude. Then you walk the razor’s edge with grace. And garner greater respect.

CAPRICORN: You’re often very dignified, and more so this month as the Buddha’s blessings shower upon all of us. Your dignity allows others to see you as creatively self-expressive, entertaining (yes, very funny sometimes), dramatic (in a good way), romantic (careful), playful while also taking quiet risks. If anyone acts proud of themselves, praise them even more. Interesting response.

AQUARIUS: Enlightenment occurs this month through family, acknowledging the foundation of your life and how you’ve adapted, embraced or shifted early learnings. As you aged, you sought new sources of happiness, love and vitality. Where are your loyalties now? Nurture and shelter them. Give thanks for your early years. They honed the goodness within yourself now. Do you need a new home?

PISCES: Perceptions are heightened in all environments. You seek to improve and enlighten them, providing you with tasks and purpose, needed in order to feel comfort and to integrate. It would be good to contact siblings, close friends, walk slowly through neighborhoods, take short trips and learn a new language, perhaps Sanskrit, drawing symbols of the Diamond Sutra. This way you reach for the light.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School. E-mail: risagoodwill@gmail.com. Web site: www.nightlightnews.com

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