Hermes (Mercury) Retrogrades

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By Risa D’Angeles

Mercury, the wing-footed Hermes, retrogrades at 11:06 p.m. at 12 degrees Taurus. It’s the second of four Mercury retro this year, all in earth signs: Capricorn (January), Taurus (April), Virgo (August) and again in December (Cap).

Mercury retro in Taurus calls us to review our values, money and possession. During Mercury retro all of humanity, events and earth’s kingdoms collectively retreat — except for those born with Mercury retrograde. As Mercury governs our thinking, communication, interactions, transportation, when retro, there is confusion, everything works backwards, sideways or not at all.

We do not move forward, routes are obstructed and all actions must be rethought, redone, rekindled, reworked, reassessed, re-envisioned and rearranged.

We’re forced into a state of respite, an interval of doing things differently, a lull in which we rest and recuperate creating weeklong retreats.

What if we seriously used the three weeks of Mercury retrograde as times to hideaway, of sanctuary, havens of quietude and refuge? Businesses need to think this way. But it must begin with each individual.

Mercury retrograde creates a time of mental relief alerting us that our minds are filled to capacity with information gathered since the last Mercury retro. With Mercury retro we are given time to review, assess, order and organize what we know, thus making room in our minds for the new information gathered in the next three months until the next Mercury retro.

ARIES: What are your financial realities and perspectives, how are they faring, are they safe, are they budgeted, do you tithe? These are some of the monetary questions coming into focus the next three weeks. Also, of importance is the questioning and reviewing of your values? What and whom do you value, are you valuable, how valuable? The retro sheds light upon your Aries self.

TAURUS: There could be confusion in communication with close friends, lovers, intimates. There could also be confusion or questions concerning your values, possessions you consider important and their maintenance. It’s possible someone close may not agree. There won’t be any compromise. Your life changes through the decisions you make, through what you can’t see.

GEMINI: Revelations may appear as your mind has an inner focus, quite compassionate, yet it could turn quickly to a Virgo criticalness. Be aware of this. Study the religious and/or spiritual. Alice Bailey’s book “Ponder on This” is good. Have the intention for fairness, for non-judgment, clarity and let reality guide your every thought and “Truth the Master of your Life.”

CANCER: During this time you will be returning to the past, to friends and/or family close to you, those you love and cherish. Our family is our first and foremost group where we grow, experience and learn life’s lessons. Should sad or grievous thoughts appear, think on them with forgiveness in order to understand your part. Then you will be doing your part.

LEO: Communication confusions could occur at work, with colleagues, superiors, others working around you. Awareness of this allows you to make concessions when speaking with others. The focus for three weeks will be on critical judgments concerning your work and other people’s work, everything professional and most importantly your life path. Are you on it?

VIRGO: What could you be thinking about in terms of legal affairs, education, travel and past communications? Be prepared for delays in all areas of your life and also for discussions concerning joint finances and decisions with professionals, especially lawyers. Know that you will be hidden for awhile, your actions therefore must be explained to others so they are understood. Use few words.

LIBRA: Be careful with money, finances and resources. Be acutely aware of where you money is being used, how and when and where it’s coming in, what you do with it. Neither provide others with nor ask for loans. Investments at this time are not suggested. Hold still with your money so you can assess its use when everyone’s mind is clear. Intimacy is either renewed or assessed in the clear light of day.

SCORPIO: One-on-one communications need care, awareness and kindness. Previous partnership issues, concerning constancy, safety, money and security, arise once again for re-evaluation. Messages are mixed. Be aware of this. Disputes call for negotiation. Perhaps this is too difficult for you. Make no decision for three weeks. Simply observe. Then follow your intuition.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re more sensitive than usual. Is that possible, you ask? Yes. Healthwise, for the next three weeks it’s best to create daily routines that strengthen your well-being. You must maintain a non-judgmental response to co-workers lest falling into old criticisms occurs. Criticism separates, then an existential loneliness emerges. Read everything over three times as errors are missed. Find silence, resting there awhile.

CAPRICORN: If you have children, observe them during this Mercury retro. Children and elders are especially sensitive to transits. In your observations, what do you see in terms of their ability to communicate, maneuver their world of friends, school and studies? It’s good to create a Mercury Retrograde journal for later use. Observe yourself during these times, too. Take no risks of any kind.

AQUARIUS: Something’s occurred at home that has their roots many months ago. Did you want to move, or did someone move in or out? What domestic issues are reoccurring? This will be a time for assessment, review, reevaluation and revelations concerning home, what you need, where and what is it for you. Assess how family can assist your plans for a home. They want to help.

PISCES: You will find that only patience assists at this time. It seems that emptiness has come to roost in all parts of your life and it is very hard to understand. Stand with that emptiness, become empty yourself, allow life and whatever it is doing to flow through and empty out of you. Many will not understand this part of your life. It’s an initiation, very valuable, extremely difficult. You stand alone. No matter your actions, the emptiness remains. Expect nothing. Be as still as possible.

Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School. E-mail her at or visit her Web site:

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