The Moon’s Influence

As the Sun moves through the last half of Aries, it’s best to begin projects this week — not next — because on April 18 Mercury retrogrades in Taurus.

Things initiated before the retro will enter into a reflective stage during the retro, then manifest into form and matter after the retro on May 11.

Thursday and Friday are Aquarius moon days. We could feel rebellion, seek personal freedom, everything’s a bit sideways, unusual and tradition has no place as we build toward the future.

Saturday and Sunday are Pisces moon. We seek retreat, tranquility, peacefulness. We’re sensitive.

Monday we must be careful how we communicate, trying not to inflict structural demands and criticism or burdens upon others. There is no compromise Monday. Tread carefully. Kindness neutralizes this difficult transit.

Wednesday new moons provide life experiences that strengthen the personality. We become more refined, intentional and spiritually purposeful.

ARIES: It’s a potent time for Aries, a time for re-invention, new ways of expression and how you present yourself. You’re busy, full of life, enthusiasm, confident of your upward mobility and success. You strive to reveal your authentic self. Know impulses lead sometimes to disaster, yet you go ahead anyway. It’s a brave new world out there.

TAURUS: It’s important you become aware of others’ needs. Listen to their communication, seek in their words the feelings being expressed. Within you there’s a soul-searching, seeking inner comfort and peace. When we deeply hear others, that inner peace extends to ourselves, as well.

GEMINI: It’s a time to make contact, network (too-used a word these days), enter, create or extend yourself into a group, reach out to others. Only within the group will your awareness be heightened, goals revealed and strengths be projected and nurtured. You then do the same for others in the group.

CANCER: Let’s ask ourselves what elements of our personality we project into the world. Let’s consider if we act professionally in all areas of life and if we’re mastering any particular discipline at this time. Responsibilities in and for the world summon you. Hopefully you’re working in a group and can share the tasks. If not gather a group and give leadership direction.

LEO: You want to grow and expand beyond everyday life’s experiences. You want to explore new projects and activities. You want your spirit to feel adventure, your imagination to be wild and unobstructed. You are renewed philosophically by the hope of this. You remove the blindfolds from your eyes of justice.

VIRGO: Perhaps you’re observing others more keenly, seeking to know how others make decisions, live their lives, what priorities they choose. This observation is important. It’s the first step to understanding another’s emotional and psychological make-up. Observing in this way creates an intimacy that allows you to see with accuracy and later compassion. Cultivate true ahimsa (harmlessness).

LIBRA: Each month at the new moon it’s good for all relationships to redefine purpose along with partnership and sharing rules. It’s good for all Librans to ask themselves these questions: Am I graceful, gracious and supportive in relationships? If so, how? If not, why not?

SCORPIO: It is time in your daily life that “all things new” be initiated. This includes choice of foods, diet, exercise, new agendas, schedules, times of rest and tending to everyday matters in unusual ways. It’s time for efficiency, organization, detailed order, analysis and critical thinking. All these point out your desire, aspiration and need for clarity of action and purpose. Steps toward triumphant mastery.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re either romantically inclined or passionately creative or both. What you need is nothing serious. Just fun-filled endeavors, playful encounters and a bit of celebration that mirrors pleasure and other people’s approval of all that you do, are and will be. You impact the world. A sort of radiance surrounds you. Radiate it out.

CAPRICORN: Tend to all feelings, concentrating on understanding them. There’s a need for safety and security. In what ways would you feel safe and secure? This is an important question to answer at this time. When you explore the answer more information about yourself emerges, like where do you come from, where are you going, what supports you, who do you support and what are your heart’s needs? This is journal work.

AQUARIUS: Observe your day-to-day experiences. There’s something original to learn and innovative people to meet. Tend to home tasks early each day. This allows for heart contact with your environment that loves you. Many things to do are being presented. Perhaps it’s time to look for a new home, complete forms, begin a new course of study, call home, clean the house and garden and plant tomatoes.

PISCES: Wherever you feel security and safety, appreciation and attunement, order and organization, value and worthiness is where you should direct your life energies and live. Perhaps you will undertake a circuitous journey before you’re able to understand where this location is. Choose what is most comfortable, what will not betray, what offers you an open door. It’s a golden door.

Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. E-mail her at or visit her Web site at

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