Venus Captures Our Energy

Saturday Sun enters Sagittarius. Like Scorpio, Sagittarius is a “disciple.” Adventure, luck, optimism, joy and the beginnings of gratitude are the hallmarks of Sagittarius.

Venus captures our energy. Thursday relationships turn into battlegrounds. Rainstorms and passionate encounters occur. Sunday Venus joins Ceres and nurturing becomes the main principle. Monday our values come into question, especially money. Tuesday evening our wounds are felt. The old ways won’t work anymore. Wednesday everyone is social and many discuss how to contribute to the betterment of the world. It’s time to give thanks. Let our gratitude be the light in the season of darkness.

ARIES: Gradually certain spiritual components and aspirations will enter your consciousness. They will align with your goals. It’s good to give thanks for your great mind and for the transformative affect. You are a force that influences others.

TAURUS: You realize that you must conserve your strength, rest whenever possible and economize actions throughout the day. This is important for the wellbeing of all that you are to bring forth for the greater good. Consider what assets you have in storage, boxes, drawers, safes or simply lying about on tabletops. These resources await your gratitude and attention.

GEMINI: You begin to sense a certain level of dignity, self-confidence and self-assurance. You cooperate more and hide less, allow changes of environment to expand your interests and realize that even enemies and those you don’t like have a certain purpose in your life’s work.

CANCER: Daily routines begin to take precedence in terms of diet and health, scheduling tasks and chores and utilizing your energy more effectively. You’re grateful for this awareness. It allows you to nourish yourself while ordering and organizing the environment.

LEO: Your abilities are in the spotlight for everyone realizes that without you the work would not be carefully tended to and accomplished. There’s praise for your ongoing accomplishments, the connections you make and for the important people and events you cultivate. Be sure to provide even greater praise for everyone around you. This brings forth pleasure, a caring and a love not often experienced.

VIRGO: Tend to family, parents and elders in all ways and the principle of caring will be returned a hundredfold. Perhaps you feel unrecognized. However, this will not last, you will emerge into the light of day and there will be new projects to focus on.

LIBRA: A new self-reliance and a new practicality appears. You reserve your energy for important matters; tend to money with confidence, firmness and decisiveness. Do not overlook your health, become overworked or let your physical body become cold.

SCORPIO: Whatever you ask for seems to come your way. You simply need to state your needs and whatever it is gallops toward you. Be careful what you are seeking. Tend to money and communicative matters carefully. Be sure to give to those in need. Use speech to radiate goodwill. These take discipline, which you possess more than most.

SAGITTARIUS: There may be a new friendship you’re pursuing and this interaction becomes a learning and a lesson. Some Sags are thinking about or seeking their fathers, some become fathers and others seek teachers and teachings that will bring harmony and balance into their lives. All Sags are in a state of disequilibrium. This is because new goals are being formed. They’re not visible yet. But in time they will appear.

CAPRICORN: Assessing what you have and being thankful creates inner happiness and joy. Then life is almost overabundant. This cultivation of abundance prepares you for the transformations that will gradually occur to all Capricorns. This way of seeing and experiencing life as abundant aids others as they seek to understand that life’s filled with both happiness and suffering.

AQUARIUS: For two-and-a halfyears or more you will attempt to read more and study and expand your mind, which brings new prospects, goals and people into your life. You find yourself making compromises. Although it’s unusual, you feel secure enough in your willingness to help others. Aquarius is about serving humanity and you are learning this.

PISCES: Concerned with the future and experiencing constant change, you focus intently on work in order to feel responsible and to create order and constancy in your life. However the changes continue, the future is distant, things dissolve away and health becomes something to tend to.

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