Libra, a Cardinal Sign

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

We are under the influence of Libra, ruling relationships, marriage and economics, seeking balance between polarities. We presently see polarities between governments, leaders and nations but especially experience polarity within relationships. Always when there is polarity and tension. Tension creates “attention.” In relationships, under the jurisdiction of Libra, polarities, if not integrated create conflict and with conflict a new harmony within relationship is being called forth, difficult yet a process of learning. Out of conflict there will be harmony, but we don’t know what the new harmony will be while experiencing the phase of conflict. Feeling chaotic is the first step in creativeness. Relationships are not only battlegrounds, they are schools where we learn how to interact, how to cooperate, love and serve each other. In relationships we learn how to be in relationships and we learn who we are.

Libra is a cardinal sign, thus Libras are leaders (like Aries, Cancer and Capricorns). Librans can be very sensitive to others’ needs. Sometimes this overwhelms their fragile inner ecosystems. And they must turn away. Being very social, they also turn aside from conflict, needing to choose cooperation and compromise instead. Librans are artistic, perceptive, and seek multiple relationships for it is through relationship Libra learns how to balance self with the “other.” We are all learning how to balance, how to recognize the harmony that comes forth from conflict, and how to create right relations with each other and Earth’s kingdoms during the month of Libra. This is the balance we must achieve before October 23, when the mysterious dark waters and nine personality tests of reorientation begin in Scorpio.

ARIES: Are you unusually hungry? Are you searching for how to be and enjoy yourself? Self-expression coming forth as creative, passionate and entertaining is how you’re to be in the world. Careful. Others may feel you’re glowing a bit too brightly and may want to compete. Let them win. You’re the first and the best.

TAURUS: Your work is becoming very productive as you are attempting to resolve financial problems and make a secure future. You are to tend to the lives of many generations with aid and sustenance. Of all the signs you are the most composed and prepared. Careful of things electrical in the home. Rest on Wednesday.

GEMINI: It seems as if you’re illumined from within. A golden light emanates from your eyes. With Venus, Sun, Mercury and Ceres in Gemini, the potential love and wisdom resting longingly in your heart is beginning to emerge. When others come in contact with you they are puzzled. What is it that’s different? Your personality light dims as your soul light shines forth. Observe how you feel. Study Castor and Pollex.

CANCER: Working with your finances and resources becomes exciting when you know you will use all that you have to create a future that is sustainable and ecological for you, your family and humanity. Opportunities for more resources fill your mind with ideas as you research and work with others, each of who have their specific gifts. Nurture them.

LEO: Are you busy with this and that, here and there? Are you projecting yourself everywhere in order to participate in various activities where others recognize and applaud you? This is good for your self-identity and it’s also good if you’re going to run meetings, group discussions and community matters. You always have leadership qualities, but now they are really heard and your ideas are applied. Stay humble.

VIRGO: While Mercury (your planet) is retro alongside Sun and Venus in your house of ambition your mind is internally figuring out what achievements you want to accomplish in the coming months. You are busy and working behind the scenes doing research or tending the ill and weary or reading Karen Armstrong’s books on religion or seeking respite and seclusion in your garden. All of these prepare you.

LIBRA: Multiple planets are in your house of travel. If you are traveling, I hope to a place where art is on every corner, restaurants are massed with locals and you’re staying at a spa because you need care and time away from work because you push yourself to the limits and beyond. You are probably learning something new, with colleagues, and going out each night. Have fun. Sleep well.

SCORPIO: Are you realizing how important your place and responsibilities are with your work? Do you see that they are the culmination, up to this point, of your ambitions and achievements? More responsibility may come forth that places you in the public. Do not shy away from this. You can assume your position with grace. This above all will be recognized by others. Grace and equanimity and right speech.

SAGITTARIUS: Work should become very busy, with new structures and disciplines. You may feel overworked with no room for your usual creative endeavors playing in the fields of your fertile mind. Something from the past will reveal itself soon. Perhaps you’re thinking of distant places, people, things, events. You long for what held you in loving care. Let this sway you as long as it can. You’ll assess and then decide.

CAPRICORN: It’s time to be a bit more intimate with the ones you love. Be aware of this passage of time and have the intention to be closer and kinder to family and partner. You will reap many benefits from this and with more and more contact, more and more love is released. This nourishes you, which you need now, not just from food but from those around you. But you have to initiate it.

AQUARIUS: The planets are lined up in your house of change, transformation, intimacy and shared resources. Which ones are you participating in? If you are an artist, this is a time when you should be in your studio or at your computer creating inspired works. Do consider this in between investing, those calling you to love them, or simply tending to the cats and children. It’s a good time. Use it well.

PISCES: You’re finding yourself back in time, interacting with people from an important past event. You’ve been given an opportunity to fulfill certain wishes. As you perform your work you realize success. It’s taken years to come to this place in time and space. Those you work with recognize your gifts and skills and are appreciative because you touch their hearts. This is soul work. And indigenous work.


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