The Virus and The Vaccine

Esoteric Astrology as news for week August 27-Sept. 2, 2009

By Risa D’Angeles

We’ve entered Virgo, sign of service, health, wellness, purity and our food systems. Virgo is also the sign that organizes detailed health information. Virgo is mother of the plant kingdom, bearing sheaves of corn and wheat, and mother (Demeter) of Persephone soon to enter the underworld (Autumn). There are many crisis and concerns in our world today. The one concern falling under Virgo’s health rulership is the H1N1 virus and specifically the flu vaccine. (Has anyone noticed the word “viral” now being used in the media? This is significant. The words we use describe our thinking and reality. This is what is hearing as they trawl the web.) The flu vaccine arrives in the U.S. this Autumn. It’s most important that each of us be informed, research and analyze the ongoing data on the purpose, chemical contents, and possible consequences of the vaccine. The data has not been favorable. However, each of us, especially parents and those whose primary task is the care and well being of children (and the elderly), must decide if the flu shot is advisable. Information protects and safeguards us.

Here is one website to read ( concerning the virus and vaccine. More sources are on my website. Please follow up with your own research. Humanity (this round) is called the 5th Root Race. Our purpose is to develop our mind, to become deep thinkers, to compare and analyze information in order to make appropriate and life-affirming decisions. Many of us are responsible for two vulnerable age groups – children and elders. Our children are the 6th subrace of the (our) 5th Root Race. The 6th subrace is called the “Loving Understanding Ones”. Let us as their parents (and caretakers of our elders), consciously tend and safeguard them through information gathering, discussion, pondering and analysis. In this way we provide intelligently informed, loving and responsible care. This is the Virgo task for our time. Read more at

ARIES: Is there great activity with family and where you’re living? Are you working hard around the house or interacting with relatives and getting much accomplished? Agree with everyone. This neutralizes the possible unanticipated conflicts that could arise. If you are living with parents, you’ll want to be free. Don’t be irritable. Try to cook and bake as much as you can. This directs the red Martian energy you feel.

TAURUS: Your behavior looks to others as if you’ve become a Leo, expressing yourself with an “I am” focus, almost beating your chest with self-proclamations and need for recognition. Self-denial, discipline, and setting aside any gratifications are not your strengths at this time. However, so that you don’t become overly aggressive, invite others to enter your sport of self-awareness. Relationship-wise you’re the best (right now).

GEMINI: Do all you can to expand your mind. As you create new dimensions of contact and communication you share your experiences and beliefs with others. You need not push others to agree with your thinking. They already do. Young people come into your life. They have freer points of view concerning life. Assess these newer points of view. What you believe in now frames the future. And do everything within the law.

CANCER: As your life continues its erratic motion, information is absorbed quickly, having a profound effect on your mind. The solitude you’re experiencing allows deep thinking and then choices to occur. You reflect on death at times, on those who have passed over. These thoughts give your life great perspective. Much of the past seems to be shadowing you. 

LEO: Your thoughts are toward the future, where hopes, wishes and dreams take up most of your mental activity. You want to do things today that summon your potential. Don’t attempt to be alone all the time. Although you are quite independent, there’s a need for balance by interacting with those you trust and have fun with. Therefore, coordinate your needs with the needs of others. And do rigorous physical workouts.

VIRGO: Each day we see you’re working hard on the mountain of tasks set before you. You suspend all pleasure and focus on each day’s labor, some of which is surprising for the unexpected and unforeseen challenges. Tend to your health carefully, resisting any foods, drinks, people and/or events that would lower or imbalance your immune system. Think green foods in abundance.

LIBRA: You have many good ideas – a result of your Ray 3 mind. However, you can become prideful, creating polarized arguments instead of sharing information. This is a phase. Observe the results and how you feel. The freewill we have at this time is limited to our choosing actions and attitudes. And free will only occurs when we are aware, awake and observant. Have the intention to work on balance and greater harmony.

SCORPIO: Money is a special energy. It helps us have what we want and need. It allows us choices between this or that, to have beauty, make purchases, nurture our body and spirit, and if used wisely money helps us accomplish goals and most importantly to share with and assist others in need. Money is made out of the mineral and plant kingdoms. We thank them. And many thank you, too, for what you share and give. Give more.

SAGITTARIUS: What you think and feel are most important now. What otherуs think and feel are most important to them, now, too. Therefore, stand back and observe everyoneуs daily routines and ways of speaking. Other people are mostly unable at this time to tend to your needs, wishes and wants. A sad situation but one that allows you time to be creative, innovative, avant garde and surreal if you need be. A trip and travel are in the works, too. You just may meet someone.

CAPRICORN: Allow all difficult experiences to simply pass you by. It seems the world’s acting on unconscious patterns, which undermine your intentions. You could feel frustration, and irritation. To ease this situation work a bit in solitude and consider everything you do as service to humanity. Then all experiences benefit your well-being. Radiate, even in times of unpleasantness, Goodwill.

AQUARIUS: Do be sensitive to others because your energy, impressive, vigorous and active, affects others. Without sensitivity you can create relationship difficulties. Not inclined at this time to bend to others’ needs, it’s best to work alone allowing you freedom and independence. Careful of illness or accidents. You could overwork and be less than aware of your body’s requirements. You will undertake, achieve and accomplish much at this time.

PISCES: Identify your most promising goal and ambition and watch as you work hard and independently, with initiative and great effort. You work best on your own and anyone’s efforts to stop you will feel like a threat. Very carefully and subtly align your interests with everyone around you and help will suddenly appear. Do not see life at this time as a challenge. See everything as opportunity.  Study growing, harvesting, storing and preserving foods.

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