Change of Nodes, Change of Direction

Esoteric Astrology as news for week August 20-26, 2009

The week, beginning Thursday with a Leo new moon festival, is complex with planetary shifts, nodal changes, and the Sun entering Virgo Saturday. In all astrology charts there are two important sensitive symbols called the North and South Nodes. They are not planets but points in space on the ecliptic ( They show where the moon crosses north and south latitudes. In Indian (Vedic) astrology the nodes are called Rahu & Ketu (Dragon’s head and tail). They indicate dharma and karma – a word not used in our Institute as we don’t really understand karma or have a clear definition). The nodes are potent, pointing to present/future direction/dharma (life duty, virtuous path, higher truth) and the past (gifts we bring into our lifetime).

On Saturday the north node shifts from Aquarius to Capricorn (disciplined, practical), the south node from Leo to Cancer (home, family, foundations). The north node is where we must progress forward (often with great discomfort). Both are magnetic, thus there is often a pull in two directions – one comforting and known (past, south node), the other unknown and unsettling (present/future, north node).

The south node is where we are most consoled and soothed, because we know it so well. It is our past, what we’ve built over lifetimes and what supports us. However, the south node, after all experiences in that realm have reached a maximum of learning, must be left behind.

It’s an evolutionary shift and painful.

The nodes change signs every 18.6 years indicating new direction for humanity. The new direction in this nodal change will be a liberation from materialism, the prevailing economy, home and families, what has nurtured us, our towns, cities, and homeland. (Read more on the nodal changes, new moon, and Celestial Events at

ARIES: You will more fully, over time, be able to accept responsibilities greater than your desires. You will seek to go home (childhood) and find it’s no longer approachable. You’ll learn blaming others doesn’t fix situations. Eventually security comes when you create your life from understanding and responding to the needs of others. Comfort will emerge from climbing the ladder, defining goals. This sounds serious. It is. You’re to initiate the building of the new world.

TAURUS: You’ll be on overload the next two years, gathering information in order to make appropriate decisions that affect the welfare of others. Details will be important. However, the larger view is where you must begin. What you are to create (community, food sources, etc.) must be considered an adventure. This will help you discover more and have inspiration. Others will then follow.

GEMINI: It will not be in your best interest to maintain such independence that you can’t change your mind, include others or let go of things (possessions, habits). Should you do any of these you may create a life crisis, have difficulty with relationships and be afraid to investigate new realities. Much is becoming outdated in your world. And this is not attractive for you. Ask what are your Soul’s needs? Ask that they appear.

CANCER: These are the rules for your life in the coming two years. Refrain from competitiveness, impatience, “me-first thinking,” and taking anything personally. Observe how those around you are sensitive, have tact and cooperation, stand in others moccasins, see through others’ eyes and work to create community. While the latter nourishes you, the former make you hungry. Learn how to bake. Or if you already know, bake more.

LEO: It’s most important to be practical in the coming times, to not leave anything up to chance, to create daily health routines and a schedule that incorporates right eating and exercise. It’s important to cultivate order and organization allowing your mind more focus with confidence. Seek productivity, as you encounter more deadlines and details. Dreams and new awareness unfold when we care for the smallest aspects in our lives. Can you do these things?

VIRGO: It’s time to no longer seek symbols that only provide material for new dreams. It’s no longer the time to act out old dreams, either. There seems to be a gap between what you dream for and what truly is. You must begin to express creatively all you wish and hope for. You must not rely on others. A great creative pool lies within. What do

you create that is beautiful, harmonious, and real?

LIBRA: Try not to over-manage your life and try to relax standards of

achievement and perfection. Whatever you do and achieve is good enough

and that’s better than perfect. Allow yourself to not be in control,

to be vulnerable, insecure, fearful. These are human realities and

they provide needed information. Make home and family the most

important place on earth. It is your sangha.

SCORPIO: Do you run roughshod over others’ feelings and opinions, have

excess nervous energy that does not allow you to have true and kind

relationships? Are you pressured and hurried and afraid your freedoms

will be obstructed? You’ll find that learning to listen deeply to

others leads to meaningful and intelligent relationships – the secret

to having social graces and forming substantial social networks. Try.

SAGITTARIUS: Your value has nothing to do with the values of others.

Your needs do not need to be enfolded into the needs of others. Should

these occur you’ll find you attract confusion and intensity in

relationships instead of peace and comfort. What are your values (not

family or parents’ or relationships)? What do you enjoy and what of

your own needs must you realize so your self-worth expands? Be patient

with these questions. Ponder them.

CAPRICORN: Slowly and quietly you learn to stand alone without fear

relying on instincts and inner knowings. Slowly and quietly you’ll

learn your wishes, hopes and needs eventually expressing them to

others without restraint or fear of consequences. You are indeed very

very good. However a bit of impulsiveness (not with children) would

add a bit of glitter and glamour to all that goodness. Do you know

there’s a difference between achieving peace in relationships and

having inner peace? Interesting thought.

AQUARIUS: You worry often, have feelings of guilt and fear that you do

not achieve enough. Often you lack trust in yourself and even in God.

You can over-analyze any situation until it simply expires. It’s most

important to focus within your heart more. This will develop the soul

virtue of compassion toward others. They, too, like you, traverse the

difficult path of life. A great sense of balance comes from


PISCES: There’s a difference between seeking what we want and seeking

what we need. If we drop the wants needs are met magically. You will

undergo great sacrifices in the coming two years. You have known about

them for a long time. One day you will simply surrender to what is

most practical. The outcome will turn out to be most loving and

protective. This will be a surprise and a comfort. Invoke courage.


Risa is Founder & Director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies &

Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, CA.



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