Third Eclipse, Full Moon

Leo Solar Festival

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

The third of the eclipse triplicity occurs Wednesday at the full moon solar festival occurring at 7:55 p.m. at 13.43 degrees Leo/Aquarius

Lunar eclipses mean the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned with Earth at the center. See For excellent graphics on the July 23 solar eclipse followed by the August 5 lunar eclipse and the Perseid meteor showers, where the best viewing is in southern California deserts, beginning now and peaking August 12, see

Eclipses are important events for humanity and our Earth. It’s unusual to have two lunar eclipses following each other in two successive months. Lunar eclipses affect outer appearances. In the U.S., Gemini rising chart, this eclipse affects the foundations of our identity. In the U.S. sunrise chart it affects our money.

Aquarians and Leos (also Taurus and Scorpios, the four signs comprising the Fixed Cross) will be especially influenced by this eclipse. The course of our life is shifted, our pathway is corrected, purpose is revealed subtly as an exterior aspect of our life disappears. Eventually a new aspect of life appears, one more adaptable to our evolutionary and spiritual needs. At the Full Moon, the New Group of World Servers invites everyone to the meditation by reciting the Great Invocation. Find out more at

ARIES: The group calls to you. It needs your help to guide them through the upcoming challenges of how to fully be and define themselves as a group and how to participate with loving cooperation. Perhaps you need to review the new Aquarian Laws and Principles. These are the new sets of guidelines for the Aquarian Age. The last Law given to humanity was to “Love one another.” Do you know the new Laws? Read on.

TAURUS: You know the Aquarius Laws and Principles and guidelines for the Aquarian Age. You know that laws emanate from principles. The Law of Right Human Relations emerges from intentions of goodwill used in our daily life. Your Venus understands this for you come from kindness and goodwill. This is why you understand your life task to tend and safeguard humanity and prepare for their future safety.

GEMINI: Your Mercury (used for personality-building) and Venus (understood and used when Soul-directed) rulers understand the principle of unanimity (working together), which emerges from your focus upon group endeavor. You know that we no longer progress individually. Spiritual progression occurs only within groups. Where is your group? Keep seeking. It will find you. Actually it has. Ask that your eyes be opened.

CANCER: As the “gate” where Spirit enters matter, as the sign where all beings new to the Earth are given passage, you understand intrinsically the law of spiritual approach and that the word spiritual applies to all phases of life on Earth because matter is really spirit hidden in form. It is the spirit within that impels us to move forward. Spiritual approach embodies the vision for our future. We are thus, all of us, “essential divinities.” Your nurturing principle has not forgotten this. Even if you have.

LEO: You are the ultimate individual and advanced creative. Your Leo individualness and gifts are invited to be presented, with utter surrender, to either God or the hierarchy or to a human group that you identify with, as long as they are a loving, service-oriented group.

VIRGO: You will be called to sense the divine in all moments and areas of life and in all people. You’ll be asked to not place anyone in an exalted position, but to stand with the great ones and absorb their virtues. As this occurs, you will have a clearer idea of your divine purpose. Do your best to communicate with the angelic realms, the creators of matter especially in nature. They are called the “lighted ones.” They create the “lighted way.”

LIBRA: You will be shining your way through life these days at the very center of other people’s graces and attention, being in the spotlight so to speak. The light will be shining on your accomplishments, your ability to soothe others’ wounds, your expanded ability to love and the ways you direct many in the direction toward right actions. We applaud your gifts, your creative use of time, your goodness. You are integrating.

SCORPIO: You’re pulled in two directions, home and not at home, home and work, at other people’s home where you’re aiding their progress, health and healing. You worry about your home, worry about the future, your money and how you will progress with so much of the past to tend to. One day at a time, one step in front of the other – in these ways you progress and then the future meets you more than halfway. Careful with communication. It can be harsh.

SAGITTARIUS: Here’s esoteric information for you about the Full Moon this week: At the time of the Full Moon a door (usually shut tight) suddenly stands wide open inviting you to walk through. Through that door, energies are contacted, approaches may be made and realities, impossible at other times, become possible. You’re invited to explore these new possibilities, an approach not understood by many. You would understand.

CAPRICORN: New opportunities are presented. You understand deeply the financial changes occurring in the world. Although they’re not easy to confront, you finally take the bull by the horns (so to speak, a financial metaphor) and realize that your goals must change and therefore your financial strategy. Do you understand strategy? Some Capricorns must rest for several years to come. Some Caps must forge forward. Which are you?

AQUARIUS: After your most recent adventures you’ll want to be relieved of too many possessions. You’ll assess what’s important and what can be released. Keep what is valuable from a life-giving point of view. Keep what you can barter and what will allow you to be safe and comfortable in the future. We are all teetering on the brink of un-knowingness. Intuition must play a greater role now, along with instinct. Remain close to the Earth.

PISCES: There may be changes in your spiritual regime, in your meditation and prayers. Those changes will also include daily work world and environments, those you serve and how you tend to yourself each day. Pray each day for a dynamic fixity of purpose, an unfoldment of consciousness that allows you to know where to go, what to do and with whom. Offer your “little will” to the divine will. Know that there is a gift after the strife.

Risa D’Angeles is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School in Santa Cruz, Calif. E-mail: Web site:

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