The Solar Eclipse

Risa’s Astrology

By Risa D’Angeles

Tuesday night is the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century. This eclipse is most visible in China and lasts more than six minutes and is 160 miles wide. Eclipses bring inner and outer realities to completion. Balance feelings with reason or remain quiet until after the eclipse. Eclipses create evolutionary changes, mark endings and beginnings. Because the eclipse is in Cancer, issues of security, nurturing, home and foundations will be emphasized in the coming three months.

ARIES: What is your lineage, how are relations with your family, and how are you feeling? Your energy may be low, you must sleep a bit more, tend to family and home, and bring into your environment that which sustains, comforts and supports you. No moods will be allowed.

TAURUS: You may be in touch with past relationships and friends. This will allow you to review your self-worth. You must begin plans for community development; new neighborhoods based on community sustainability ideals. Communication between two factions may be needed. Notice any values conflicts. What is right beside you is most important.

GEMINI: Finances, as usual. A new beginning or reorientation financially will be called forth. Changes occur rapidly. Keep up for you are a spokesperson. A smaller reality must fall away so you an embrace a larger reality. Who can you talk to now? The soul is brightening each day, calling your personality to choose.

CANCER: A new beginning is occurring. A new seed though has been planted in your heart and mind. I know you sense it. Forces unknown call you to self-discovery. Perhaps it concerns where you live and your work. You will become more accepting, which increases your self-acceptance. Something ends as something greater begins.

LEO: First you will review your career path, finances and spiritual beliefs. Then you will shift what is most important for you. Then you will recommit to something, someplace or someone. This surprises you. You’re finally learning and listening to others. What does your heart tell you?

VIRGO: You will enter into regions of the mind not often explored and find what needs elimination in terms of ideas and beliefs and what new regions need developing. Hidden aspects of self will be encountered. Simply observe. The eclipses bring endings with new beginnings. Along with your retrograde journal, it’s good to also begin an eclipse journal.

LIBRA: There is a conflict between previous choices and present ways of being. You want to hold onto the past, but you also want to move forward. You can’t do both. Review what the past means to you and why you made decisions that keep you from certain situations and people. The eclipse will bring forth startling and surprising thoughts, ideas, events and life changes. Forgiveness and inclusion follow.

SCORPIO: Bold steps may be taken in areas of study, education and your career. You may even travel a bit, leading to a new direction in life. Something dramatic may occur at work. Or has it already? As time passes you’ll understand the opportunity this provides. If you could do anything you wanted concerning the future, what would that be?

SAGITTARIUS: Unexpected events will create within a trajectory into your dream world, into intuition, and into the place where inspiration comes forth. You will tend to finances again. It’s important to know what your relationship is with money within relationships. I think this will change, too. Someone may come along this week or next and from this encounter, revelations occur. Be charming.

CAPRICORN: Allow yourself to rest more this week. Don’t be guarded and don’t overwork or stress yourself. If you do, someone may catch you off guard, you may tend to too many details that exhaust, and you may argue yourself to distraction. Tell everyone you need extra help. Create an agenda of tasks for others to do. Allow them to perform those tasks. Then give them stars. In the meantime, lie about and languish a bit.

AQUARIUS: At first the week feels uncontrollable, then surprising and uncertain. Then you realize life is changing rapidly so you may as well be excited about it. This response expands your imagination, vivifies your life force and you feel divinely connected to all forms of life. This is joy. Now you can nourish other.

PISCES: You will begin to see things in a new light. This will be good. You will learn not to turn away when upset or sad, but to turn toward and make amends. You will begin to have faith in the future, something you haven’t had for awhile (years). Something will occur that changes you — a gift, a task, recognition, a new role, a family member.

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