Focus On Home During Eclipse

Retrograde Jupiter conjuncts Neptune again this week in Aquarius. Jupiter/Neptune stimulates imagination, provides inspiration and activates the light of consciousness. We can also experience illusions and distortion. The challenge will be to maintain faith and optimism. There’s an Earth Share ad ( that perfectly expresses the times we are in. It reads: “We live in the house we all build.” Read more at

ARIES: The eclipse focuses upon home and nurturance, how you want and need to live. Is comfort and security found in your home? How are your family relationships? Is there a feeling that you must move or redecorate? Dynamics with family, a definite lifestyle change, all are assessed in order to meet emotional needs. 

TAURUS: There’s much to be learned about listening and the timing of speaking and not speaking. You will teach by sharing what you’re reading and researching. All that you do creates knowledge about our immediate future. Your personal environments and neighborhood calls. 

GEMINI: Financial stability is on your mind. In our financially unstable times, we must understand the reality of our present and future economic situation. Have you read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine” yet? Do you read Catherine Austin Fitts’ ( site daily? Both will bring you up to date, take you well into the future of our current times and endow you with the knowledge and psychological security needed. 

CANCER: There will be a great focus on self-development, self-recognition, self-esteem and self as one who is strong and reliable. There also may be an identity crisis as the old self falls away and new personal potentials appear. Gradually self-knowledge, a new state of self-confidence leads to an enriched ways of seeing yourself. Your horizons expand and all that hinders disappears. 

LEO: There has been much grief within you. Growing into a more joyful person is in direct relation to reaching out and making contact with others. Humanity needs you. 

VIRGO: It would be good to study history and different societies. When we grasp this then humanity as a group becomes more interesting and significant. When we realize we are part of humanity our sense of self-worth is renewed. 

LIBRA: You sometimes have great pressure concerning career advancement, making money, public recognition. This creates a determination to advance, step by step no matter the obstacles, up the ladder of success, breaking any glass ceilings along the way. You also look for evidence of success through outer material resources. 

SCORPIO: You delve into abstract thoughts, intangible to most. You’re seeking a new foundation and structure in life. Deep study will lead you toward a great cultural expansion. 

SAGITTARIUS: What are your thoughts on sharing of all things physical, material, emotional, intellectual? Perhaps sharing makes you feel possessive or psychologically unprotected. For our spiritual development, we must begin to share until one day we actually give all of ourselves away. 

CAPRICORN: There is a pull between work and home, self and others, public/professional and the personal. If one is emphasized then a sense of incompleteness occurs. You’re being asked to offer yourself equally to all four areas of life. 

AQUARIUS: Focus on health and nutrition. It provides the basis for success in daily life. Reduce things that lead to overwork or underwork.

PISCES: You are being subtly urged to express more affection. It brings joy to you; something needed to strengthen your life force. It develops balance and cultivates self-esteem.

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