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Each new spirit entering earth comes through the waters of Cancer. Cancer is the crab living in both water and on land. Cancer represents our inner and outer home, our family, how we’re nurtured and, in turn, nurture. Cancer is our upbringing and conditioning which influences all aspects and choices of our life. Observe how crabs move. They scurry around their target testing whether their target is safe. Cancers are cautious and protective, sympathetic yet changeable, moody and touchy, loving and intuitive. Cancers love their home, creating a nest filled with containers – baskets, bowls, shells and things moon shaped. They can be conservative, solitary and in their nurturing, over-protective. Think of the shell above the crab protecting a very vulnerable body underneath. Cancers are the mothers of the zodiac along with Virgos. They are sensitive to others needs, especially family and close friends. Don’t tell a Cancer what to do. They, like Capricorn, must experience, learn and choose for themselves. 

ARIES: Notice your many goals this past year. You’ve climbed the ladder to a pinnacle to reach those goals and have become very potent. Notice your new authority, one finer tuned, more responsible and aware of the importance to serve others. These are great accomplishments though they felt like great challenges. 

TAURUS: You demonstrate your true self, which is an illumined leader and teacher many seek in these times of change. Actively pursuing a “call” you barely have time for other realities. Continue contacting those sharing your concern for humanity’s future. Use resources to help humanity in the challenging times to come. Create, then expand your unusual garden.

GEMINI: Offer praise and recognition for everything in your life. Each of us is blessed with creative gifts and abilities. Each of us has a group around us whose purpose is to help us grow. We contract with family and friends before birth to act in ways that helps us move forward spiritually. Because we don’t remember this, it often feels difficult. 

CANCER: You feel your work takes you away from family. And then family feels like it takes you away from work. Your task and lesson, difficult as it may seem, is to balance the two. The more difficult this is, the greater the Initiation (greater awareness, greater responsibilities). Do you have visions and dreams for a different future? Or have you given up on dreaming? In between exhaustion and despair a glimmer of a future dream may occur. Watch for it.

LEO: Your life has taken on dimensions that at times seem overwhelming. So much to do, so many thoughts moving through your mind yet hidden behind a veil. This brings forth great emotions. As you try expressing yourself, you find communication difficult sometimes with sadness. The family is still here, but it needs communication. Is your love life assuming a new path?

VIRGO: An extraordinary creativity is building within. Perhaps you consider yourself not especially creative. This year creative ideas will appear in your mind. You’re being impressed from spiritual realms to bring your artist self forth through collecting, growing and building the life force within all kingdoms. You do this by expressing love to all. Clean and rearrange those crystals.

LIBRA: Thoughts from the past determine your actions. In therapeutic terms, you might change your thoughts. Are you living in the past or functioning under the dictates of another? You want freedom, but your beliefs hinder this. Read Gemini to understand spiritual contracts. Summon discrimination, have the intention to always radiate goodwill and love more. Your life will then uplift and change.

SCORPIO: Communication, so expanded, full and rich, remains internal. You need to communicate your thoughts to those who listen carefully, respond appropriately and maintain silence as you speak. Allowing those you trust to understand you strengthens your sense of security. You are not an island. Don’t keep secrets. Allow what you know to be shared. You’ll find those you can trust.

SAGITTARIUS: A new world stage is preparing itself for you. Sagittarians are publishers, world travelers, philosophers, standing in no one’s shadow. These adventurous warriors create shadows others stand in. You continue to be at the razor’s edge of change. However, that change is not quite prepared enough for you. Maintain your present direction and state of being. Doors open by themselves. The grass grows by itself.

CAPRICORN: Inner impressions from are informing you to take time alone and rest. You need to reorient, re-evaluate and unwind from your extraordinary state of responsibility. Observing your actions we award your constant far reaching standards of beauty applied to all areas of life. Relax and rejuvenate before your next tasks appear. 

AQUARIUS: Realities begin with hopes, wishes, dreams and imagination. Form and matter are shaped by what we imagine until one day our dreams become concrete events and experiences. Attempt to clarify what is important to you, what you want to pursue, and who you want to be in the years to come. Sometimes this is difficult. Some of us live only in the moment. But within each moment there is a vision for our future. Try to capture it.

PISCES: You may have had plans for the immediate future. They may change. There is a collaboration occurring with you and another. Pursuing this will bring about a synthesis that will take you far into the future into a world very different than now. Understand the present planetary changes you “seek to serve and not exact due service. You seek to heal not hurt.” But at times you are hurting, which deepens compassion for your particular task. 


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